Bachelor of Arts in Art - Plan II (Studio Art)

Requirements (96 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

This program is designed for the student with a strong professional interest in art who may wish to pursue graduate studies.

Requirements for the B.A. in Art - Plan II (Program Code: ARTS)

Lower-division requirements (50)
ART 120Introduction to Two Dimensional Design4
ART 121Introduction to Three Dimensional Design4
ART 122Introduction to Drawing and Life Drawing4
ART 123Introduction to Art and Technology4
ART 125Freshman Seminar: Art and Society I2
ART 221Art History: Prehistoric Times through the Middle Ages4
ART 222Art History: Africa, Asia, the Americas and Oceania4
ART 223Art History: Renaissance to the Present4
ART 291Beginning Digital Photography5
Select three courses from lower-division studio art courses:15
Beginning Painting
Beginning Sculpture
Beginning Ceramics
Beginning Printmaking
Beginning Woodworking and Furniture Design
Beginning Glass
Beginning Analog Photography
Upper-division requirements (46)
History of Art. Eight units consisting of one four-unit course chosen from each of the following (A and B): 8
Group A:
Gender and Identity in the Visual Arts
Greek and Roman Art
Asian Art
Art of the United States to the End of the Nineteenth Century
The Art of Indigenous Peoples
Arts of the Ancient Near East and Egypt
Renaissance Art
Native North American Art
Pre-Columbian Art
Baroque and Rococo Art
Mexican Art
Chicano Art
History of Graphic Design
History of Animation
History of Photography
Studies in Art History
Art from 1900 to the Present
Nineteenth Century European Art
Contemporary Art, Theory and Criticism
Seminar in Art History
Group B:
Art from 1900 to the Present (if not taken in Group A above)
Contemporary Art, Theory and Criticism (if not taken in Group A above)
Studio Art Courses. Select any six five-unit courses for a total of 30 units (see options below)30
Senior Capstone Courses:
ART 414Senior Studio Critique4
ART 415Senior Seminar: Art and Society II2
ART 416Senior Project2
Total Units96

Studio Art Course Options

Courses are divided into three categories for organization purposes only, select any six courses regardless of category. Students may mix any combination of courses, or choose to specialize in a single discipline. Check course descriptions to ascertain which courses have prerequisite requirements and which courses may be repeated for credit.

Two Dimensional Pictorial and Photographic Arts

ART 304Advanced Drawing and Life Drawing5
ART 335Intermediate Painting5
ART 336Advanced Painting5
ART 361Intermediate Printmaking5
ART 362Advanced Printmaking5
ART 366Topics in Studio Art5
ART 391Intermediate Photography5
ART 492Advanced Photography5

Three Dimensional Spatial Arts

ART 308Intermediate Woodworking and Furniture Design5
ART 340Intermediate Sculpture5
ART 341Advanced Scuplture5
ART 355Intermediate Ceramics5
ART 357Advanced Ceramics5
ART 369Advanced Woodworking and Design5
ART 370Intermediate Glass5
ART 373Installation Art5
ART 396New Genres5
ART 441Public Art5
ART 471Advanced Glass5

Digital Arts

ART 320Digital Image Editing5
ART 322Web Design5
ART 325Advanced Digital Image Editing5
ART 326Interactive Multimedia Design5
ART 337Interactive and Motion-Graphic5
ART 350Introduction to Digital Illustration5
ART 351Advanced Digital Illustration5
ART 382Computer Animation: 3D Modeling5
ART 383Computer Animation: Character Modeling5
ART 384Digital Motion Imaging5
ART 385Sound Design for Multimedia5
ART 387Video Art5
ART 388Digital Lighting5
ART 422Dynamic Web Site Design5