Liberal Studies Program

Liberal Studies Program

College of Education Building, Room 114
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Interim Coordinator: Dr. Catherine E. Spencer

Liberal Studies Peer Advising Center (PALS)

College of Education Building, Room 114
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Bachelor of Arts

  • Liberal Studies - Integrated Track
  • Liberal Studies - General Track
  • Liberal Studies - Spanish Studies Track
  • Liberal Studies - Arts and Letters Track

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies is a multidisciplinary degree program designed for students whose needs or interests require a more broadly based liberal arts curriculum than is possible through existing disciplines.

Most students pursuing this major intend to become teachers in K-8 classrooms. To facilitate achieving this goal, the Liberal Studies program provides the subject matter content required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).

The Liberal Studies Integrated Track leads to both a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and Multiple Subject Credential. It is designed for students who plan to become elementary, K-8, school teachers and who want to save time (about 2 quarters or 27 units) by working on the credential along with their B.A. degree.

The General Track degree prepares students to enter the Multiple Subject (Elementary School) teaching credential program, generally during a fifth year of post-graduate study in the College of Education. This option is best for those seeking credentials other than the Multiple Subject credential, such as special education.

Our Spanish Studies Track will soon be phased out. Students considering this track should meet with an advisor to discuss choosing instead the General Track with a Spanish concentration.

The Arts and Letters Track is available for those seeking a well-rounded undergraduate major but who do not plan to become teachers. This program is useful for careers requiring a broad educational background and strong communication, computer, research, and critical thinking skills. 

Departmental Honors

The Liberal Studies student will be eligible for departmental honors upon verification of the following three requirements:

  1. Earned a 3.5 grade point average in the major;
  2. Completed at least 45 units of Liberal Studies courses at this university;
  3. Successful completion of oral and written honors evaluations.