Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies - Arts and Letters Track (Non-credential)

Requirements (77 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

Requirements for the B.A. in Liberal Studies - Arts and Letters Track (Program Code: LBAL)

  1. Arts and Letters Interdisciplinary Concentration Requirements (36 units)
    Thirty-six units required to be selected from one of the following five groupings of courses offered by the departments and disciplines listed. Within the selected grouping, no more than 20 units may be taken in any one discipline and a minimum of 18 units must be at the 300-level or above. Courses must be selected and approved with the assistance of an advisor. A list of recommended courses approved for use in each category and department can be obtained from the Liberal Studies program office.

    1. Fine Arts: Art, Dance, Music, Theatre
    2. Literature: English, World Languages and Literatures
    3. Languages and Linguistics: English and Foreign Languages
    4. Media Arts: Communications Media, Graphic Design, Music Technology, Photography
    5. Humanities: Must include courses from a minimum of three of the following areas: Communication Studies, English, Humanities, Philosophy, World Languages and Literatures, or any of the areas in Fine Arts (art, dance, music, theatre)
  2. Skills Requirements (12 units)
    A minimum of four units from each of the following three categories:

    1. Communication Skills (4)
    Four units chosen from:4
    Small Group Communication
    Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
    Writing for Media
    Business and Professional Communication
    Public Relations Communication
    Writing in the Public Sphere
    Introduction to Creative Writing: Specialized Genres
    Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry
    Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction
    Intermediate Creative Writing: Poetry
    Intermediate Creative Writing: Fiction
    Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry
    Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction
    Advanced Creative Writing in Specialized Genres
    ENG 543A-C
    Literary Publication
    Administrative Communications
    2. Computer Skills (4)
    A minimum of four units chosen from:4
    Introduction to Art and Technology
    Introduction to Composition and UI/UX Design
    Intro to 2D Digital Image Creation
    Digital Image Editing
    Web Design
    Interactive Multimedia Design
    Computer Science I
    Computer Applications for Career and Technical Educators
    Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Cartography
    Software Applications in the Health Sciences
    Introduction to Information Technology
    3. Research Techniques Skills: (4)
    A minimum of four units chosen from:4
    Communication Research Methodology
    Research Methods in Criminal Justice
    Statistics in Criminal Justice
    Statistics for Economists
    Geographic Statistics and Research Methods
    Research Methodology in Health Science
    Applied Statistics
    Introductory Statistics and Hypothesis Testing
    Marketing Research
    Inductive Logic
    Introduction to Political Science Research
    Psychological Statistics
    Applied Business Statistics
    Social Research I
    Feminist Research Methods
    Total Units12
  3. Minor Field (Minimum of 24 units)
    The Minor must include a minimum of 16 units at the 300-level or above.  Minors vary in size and range from 24-42 units.

  4. Culminating Experience (5 units)

    1. HUM 497 to be taken during last quarter before graduation.

    2. A four-unit Independent Study Project to be completed in one of the disciplines used for the Concentration (#1) or Minor (#3) areas. This project should result in a significant written paper reporting on the research project carried out and should include a concluding essay relating the research topic to other courses and subjects in the area of Concentration or Minor and summarizing the student’s accomplishments in the Liberal Studies major. Students will enroll in the appropriate independent study course offered by the department of the faculty member who has agreed to supervise this project

  5. Free Electives
    To be used if needed to reach minimum of 180 total units for the BA degree.