Minor in Business Information Mapping

Requirements (32 units)

Requirements for a minor in Business Information Mapping

In addition to the grade point average requirements stated in Program Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree, an administration major or minor student must earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in all units used to fulfill the requirements of the major or minor.

IST 101Introduction to Information Technology4
IST 280Information Mapping and Data Visualization4
IST 309Information Systems and Technology4
IST 480Advanced Information Mapping and Visualization4
Technical Area. Eight units chosen from:8
Data Base Management and Policies
Business Systems I
Marketing Research
Decision Making in Supply Chain and Transportation Management
General Area. Eight units chosen from:8
Principles of Real Estate
Financial Institutions and Capital Formation
Problem Solving and Risk Management
Principles of Planning
Local Public Administration
Transportation Systems Management
Supply Chain Management
Total Units32