Education Specialist Clear Credential

Requirements (16 units)

Admission to the Program

The Education Specialist Clear Credential has been developed in compliance with the changes required by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). In addition to meeting the general requirements of the university for admission as a postbaccalaureate student, admission to the Education Specialist Clear Credential Program requires the following:

  1. Official admission to the university;
  2. Submission of a valid Preliminary Education Specialist Credential;
  3. Application to the Education Specialist Clear Credential Program.  Applications can be obtained from the Special Education Student Services Office, CE-102. (909)-537-7406.

Recommendation for the Credential

In addition to the program admission requirements and credential course work, the candidate must successfully complete the following requirements in order to be recommended for the Education Specialist Clear Credential:

  1. A grade point average of 3.0 ("B") in professional education course work, with no course grade lower than a "B-;"
  2. Education Specialist Clear Credential Courses (16 units).  All courses will be offered online.
ESPE 634Reflective Inquiry: Seminar for Clear Induction Planning4
ESPE 636Assessment, Curriculum, Instruction: Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Students with Disabilities4
ESPE 695Special Education Clear Induction Outcomes4
ESPE 696AInduction Support I2
ESPE 696BInduction Support II1
ESPE 696CInduction Support III1
Total Units16