Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Requirements (90-98 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

Students majoring in Biology may repeat an upper-division Biology course no more than once. Failing any two upper-division Biology courses disqualifies the student from continuation as a Biology major.

Requirements for the B.A. in Biology (Program Code: BIOL)

Lower-division requirements (53-61)
BIOL 200Biology of the Cell5
BIOL 201Biology of Organisms5
BIOL 202Biology of Populations5
CHEM 215General Chemistry I: Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding6
CHEM 216General Chemistry II: Principles of Chemical Reactions6
Organic chemistry
A minimum of nine units chosen from Group A or B below:9-15
Group A:
Organic Chemistry I Lecture
Organic Chemistry II Lecture
Organic Chemistry III Lecture
Group B:
Principles of Organic Chemistry I
Principles of Organic Chemistry II
Principles of Organic Chemistry III
MATH 192Methods of Calculus4
or MATH 211 Basic Concepts of Calculus
A minimum of thirteen units chosen from Group A or B below:13-15
Group A:
Basic Concepts of Physics I
Basic Concepts of Physics II
Basic Concepts of Physics III
Group B:
General Physics I
General Physics II
General Physics III
Upper-division requirements (37)
BIOL 300Cell Physiology5
BIOL 400Molecular Biology5
BIOL 423Genetics5
BIOL 450Ecology5
or BIOL 455 Marine Biology and Ecology
BIOL 591Biology Seminar1
A minimum of 16 units of upper-division biology courses (excluding BIOL 301, BIOL 304, BIOL 305, BIOL 306, BIOL 314, BIOL 349 and BIOL 503), with at least one course from each of Groups A and B:16
Group A:
Local Flora
Biology of Higher Plants
Comparative Plant Physiology
Group B:
Biology of Invertebrates
Comparative Embryology
Biology of Chordates
Medical Microbiology
Comparative Animal Physiology
Principles of Development
Advanced Vertebrate Morphology
Total Units90-98