Bachelor of Science in Biology - Ecology and Evolution Option

Requirements (105-114 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

Students majoring in Biology may repeat an upper-division Biology course no more than once. Failing any two upper-division Biology courses disqualifies the student from continuation as a Biology major.

Requirements for the B.S. in Biology - Ecology and Evolution Option (Program Code: BIEC)

Lower-division requirements (56-61)
BIOL 200Biology of the Cell5
BIOL 201Biology of Organisms5
BIOL 202Biology of Populations5
CHEM 215General Chemistry I: Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding6
CHEM 216General Chemistry II: Principles of Chemical Reactions6
Organic chemistry
A minimum of twelve units chosen from Group A or B below:12-15
Group A:
Organic Chemistry I Lecture
Organic Chemistry I Lab
Organic Chemistry II Lecture
Organic Chemistry II Lab
Organic Chemistry III Lecture
Organic Chemistry III Lab
Group B:
Principles of Organic Chemistry I
Principles of Organic Chemistry II
Principles of Organic Chemistry III
Note: The requirement in organic chemistry may be met by the completion of one year of transferable organic chemistry course work from another institution of higher education.
MATH 192Methods of Calculus4
or MATH 211 Basic Concepts of Calculus
A minimum of thirteen units chosen from Group A or B below:13-15
Group A:
Basic Concepts of Physics I
Basic Concepts of Physics II
Basic Concepts of Physics III
Group B:
General Physics I
General Physics II
General Physics III
Upper-division requirements (49-53)
BIOL 300Cell Physiology5
BIOL 321Evolution4
BIOL 400Molecular Biology5
BIOL 423Genetics5
BIOL 450Ecology5
BIOL 514Conservation Biology2-4
or BIOL 590M Senior Seminar: Conservation Biology
BIOL 591Biology Seminar1
One course (4-6 units) chosen from the following list:4-6
Local Flora
Marine Biology and Ecology
Advanced Psychological Statistics
Note: Students should complete BIOL 450 before getting consent of the instructor to enroll in PSYC 410 without the formal prerequisite.
Global Change Biology
Population Genetics
Vertebrate Field Biology
Physiological Ecology
A minimum of 18 units of upper-division elective course work in biology (excluding BIOL 301, BIOL 304, BIOL 305, BIOL 306, BIOL 314, BIOL 349 and BIOL 503). Students in this degree option will select upper division elective courses in consultation with a Biology faculty advisor in the student's area of specialization.18
Total Units105-114