Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Requirements (104-112 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180-183

Environmental Health Science

The Environmental Health Science Concentration is the appropriate choice for students who want to become health inspectors (i.e., Registered Environmental Health Specialist), industrial hygienists, or hazardous waste control experts. For those who plan on becoming Registered Environmental Health Specialists, this concentration is approved by the Environmental Specialist Registration Committee of the California Department of Public Health.

Students who are certified by the Environmental Health Coordinator will have met the academic and experience requirements for admittance to the State Environmental Health Specialist Registration Examination.

Health Care Management

Health care management is concerned with the planning, organization, financing, delivery, and evaluation of public and personal health services. The health services administration concentration prepares students for careers in health services delivery organizations such as hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, long-term care facilities, and medical offices. Graduates may also enter careers in governmental health care as local and state departments of health, the U.S. Public Health Service, or international health organizations. Management and staff opportunities for the trained baccalaureate include consulting firms, durable medical equipment, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare information systems vendors.

The B.S. in Health Science with a concentration in Health Care Management may be combined with a minor in business.

Public Health Education

Students pursuing careers in school health education are encouraged to enroll in the B.S. in Health Science, Integrated Teaching Track.

The Public Health Education concentration prepares graduates for professional positions in county health departments and other public health agencies, community-based organizations, health care, tribal health, international organizations, and for graduate programs in physician assistant, occupational

Requirements for the B.S. in Health Science

Note: All Health Science concentrations require grades of "C" (2.0) or better in all upper-division coursework with an HSCI prefix or any course approved for upper-division Health Science substitutions required in the major. Certain required courses also apply in the university's general education program.

Lower-division requirement (5)
HSCI 120Health and Society: An Ecological Approach5
Upper-division requirements (20)
HSCI 315Statistics for the Health Sciences4
HSCI 352Principles of Environmental Health4
HSCI 367Human Disease Mechanisms4
HSCI 370Health Behavior4
HSCI 451Principles of Epidemiology4
Concentration (79-87)
One of the following concentrations is required for the major:79-87
Total Units104-112

Environmental Health Concentration (Program Code: HSEH)

Fifteen units chosen from Group A or B below:15
Group A:
Biology of the Cell
Biology of Organisms
Biology of Populations
Group B:
Topics in Biology
Human Physiology and Anatomy I
Human Physiology and Anatomy II
BIOL 220Principles of Microbiology5
or BIOL 320 Microorganisms
CHEM 215General Chemistry I: Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding6
CHEM 216General Chemistry II: Principles of Chemical Reactions6
MATH 192Methods of Calculus4
or MATH 211 Basic Concepts of Calculus
Organic chemistry, a minimum of five units. Choose Group A, B, or C:5
Group A:
Fundamentals of Chemistry II: Organic Chemistry
Group B:
Organic Chemistry I Lecture
Organic Chemistry I Lab
Organic Chemistry II Lecture
Organic Chemistry II Lab
Organic Chemistry III Lecture
Organic Chemistry III Lab
Group C:
Principles of Organic Chemistry I
Principles of Organic Chemistry II
Principles of Organic Chemistry III
HSCI 380Toxicology4
HSCI 401Advanced Environmental Health5
HSCI 402Principles of Occupational Health5
HSCI 403Vector-borne Disease Control5
HSCI 480Health Services Administration4
HSCI 496Internship in Environmental Health4
A minimum of thirteen units, choose Group A or B below:13
Group A:
Basic Concepts of Physics I
Basic Concepts of Physics II
Basic Concepts of Physics III
Group B:
General Physics I
General Physics II
General Physics III
Six units of health science electives chosen from:6
Air Pollution
Radiological Health and Safety
Solid Waste Management
Housing and Institutions
Water Quality and Pollution
Occupational Safety
Environmental Health Engineering
Directed Reading
Food-Borne Illnesses and Their Prevention
Hazardous Material Control
Management of Water Quality
Independent Study
Total Units87

Health Care Management Concentration (Program Code: HSHC)

ACCT 211Introductory Accounting I4
ACCT 212Introductory Accounting II4
ECON 200Principles of Microeconomics4
HSCI 271Introduction to Public Health4
HSCI 273Software Applications in the Health Sciences4
HSCI 360Medical Care Organizations4
HSCI 423Health and Wellness of Older Adults4
HSCI 436Human Resources Management in Health Care4
HSCI 438Financial Management in Health Care4
HSCI 452Special Topics in Health Science and Human Ecology4
HSCI 455Health Policy and Law4
HSCI 460Strategic Planning and Marketing in the Health Care System4
HSCI 468Research Methodology in Health Science4
HSCI 480Health Services Administration4
HSCI 489Pre-Field Experience2
HSCI 493Field Experience Seminar1
HSCI 495Field Experience4
MGMT 302Management and Organizational Behavior4
Twelve units of upper-division health science electives or other electives approved by an advisor. 12
Total Units79

Public Health Education Concentration (Program Code: HSPH)

BIOL 220Principles of Microbiology5
BIOL 223Human Physiology and Anatomy I5
BIOL 224Human Physiology and Anatomy II5
CHEM 205Fundamentals of Chemistry I: General Chemistry5
HSCI 271Introduction to Public Health4
HSCI 273Software Applications in the Health Sciences4
HSCI 301Foundations of Public Health Education4
HSCI 310Health and Human Sexuality4
HSCI 342Nutrition for Your Health4
HSCI 359Global Health4
HSCI 364Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse4
HSCI 455Health Policy and Law4
HSCI 468Research Methodology in Health Science4
HSCI 471Health Program Planning and Implementation4
HSCI 473Strategies and Methods in Health Education4
HSCI 480Health Services Administration4
HSCI 489Pre-Field Experience2
HSCI 493Field Experience Seminar1
HSCI 495Field Experience4
Four units of upper division elective from SOC, ANTH, PA, GEOG, PSYC, HSCI as approved by advisor.4
Total Units79