Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Exercise Science Concentration

Requirements (79 units)

Total units required for graduation (180)

Requirements for the B.S. in Kinesiology - Exercise Science Concentration (Program Code: KEXS)

Lower-division requirements (21)
BIOL 100Topics in Biology5
BIOL 223Human Physiology and Anatomy I5
BIOL 224Human Physiology and Anatomy II5
KINE 210Introduction to Kinesiology2
KINE 240Exercise Science Software2
KINE 270Introduction to Fitness and Testing2
Upper-division requirements (58)
KINE 305Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries4
KINE 310History and Philosophy of Physical Activity4
Affective/Social Domain:
KINE 323Sociology of Physical Activity4
or KINE 324 Psychology of Physical Activity
KINE 325Motor Development Across the Lifespan4
KINE 360Physical Activity and Aging4
KINE 370Measurement and Statistics in Kinesiology4
KINE 382Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sports4
KINE 410Motor Control and Skill Learning4
KINE 471Exercise Science Program Management4
KINE 480Biomechanics5
KINE 481Exercise Physiology5
KINE 483Exercise Prescription4
KINE 485EKG Interpretation2
KINE 486Instrumentation in Exercise Science2
KINE 490Senior Seminar in Kinesiology2
KINE 493Observational Field Experience in Exercise Science and Allied Health Professions2
Total Units79