Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics - Teaching Track

Requirements (89 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

Requirements for the B.A. in Mathematics - Teaching Track (Program Code: MATT)

Lower-division requirements (29)
MATH 199Problem Solving for Teachers Using Technology3
MATH 211Basic Concepts of Calculus4
MATH 212Calculus II4
MATH 213Calculus III4
MATH 241Problem Solving in Calculus2
MATH 251Multivariable Calculus I4
MATH 252Multivariable Calculus II4
MATH 299Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasoning for Teachers I4
Upper-division requirements (52)
MATH 329Transformation Geometry4
MATH 331Linear Algebra4
MATH 345Number Theory and Proof4
MATH 355Analysis and Proof4
MATH 372Combinatorics4
MATH 399Mathematics and Teaching: Observation and Reflection2
MATH 465Probability Theory4
MATH 480Topics in History of Mathematics4
MATH 499Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasoning for Teachers II4
MATH 529Advanced Geometry4
MATH 545Abstract Algebra I4
MATH 553Analysis I4
MATH 565Mathematical Statistics4
MATH 599Senior Seminar for Future Mathematics Educators2
Electives (8)
Eight units chosen from the following in consultation with an advisor with at least 4 units chosen at the 400-level and above:8
Elementary Differential Equations
Mathematical Interest Theory
Fourier Analysis
Ordinary Differential Equations
Numerical Methods
Differential Geometry
Topics in Mathematics
Advanced Linear Algebra
Abstract Algebra II
Analysis II
Introduction to Point-Set Topology
Complex Variables
Partial Differential Equations
Introduction to Mathematical Methods
Independent Study
Total Units89