Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice - Crime Analysis Option

Requirements (103-105 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

Students are unable to enroll in the Crime Analysis Option until they have completed the program admission criteria.  Students must earn a grade no lower than a "C+" (2.3) in the following six (6) courses in order to be admitted into the Crime Analysis option.

CJUS 101Introduction to the Criminal Justice System4
GEOG 202Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Cartography5
or IST 280 Information Mapping and Data Visualization
IST 101Introduction to Information Technology4
CJUS 311Research Methods in Criminal Justice4
CJUS 312Statistics in Criminal Justice4
CJUS 320Theories of Crime and Delinquency4

Transfer students who are not bringing in the equivalent coursework must take these classes prior to being admitted to the Crime Analysis Option. Upon successful completion of these program admission requirements, the student's major will be changed automatically from "Pre-Criminal Justice - Crime Analysis Option" to "Criminal Justice - Crime Analysis Option" status.

Upon admission into the Crime Analysis option, students must select an area of technical proficiency: A) Geographic Information Systems; B) Cyber Security. Then, students may proceed with completing their degree.

Requirements for the B.A. in Criminal Justice - Crime Analysis Option

In addition to the general requirements of the university and the program admissions criteria explained above, students must complete the following courses to graduate from this program option.

Lower-division requirements, prerequisites for upper-division courses (12)
CJUS 102Criminal Law4
CJUS 106Introduction to Criminal Investigation4
IST 274Data Base Management and Policies4
Upper-division requirements (17)
CJUS 470Environmental Crime Prevention4
CJUS 550Crime and Intelligence Analysis5
CJUS 570Crime in Public Spaces4
One of the following:4
Internship in Criminal Justice
Internship in Geography
Independent Study
Independent Study
Electives (12)
Twelve elective units from either one (1) or two (2) of the following categories:12
Criminal Networks
Discrete Mathematics
Advanced Social Network Analysis
Geographic Statistics and Research Methods
Homeland Security
Topics in Criminal Justice
Urban Planning/Law Enforcement
Transportation Issues and Development
Selected Topics in Geography
Urban Planning and Land Development
Police and Police Systems
Forensic Profiling
Criminal Procedure
National Security Issues
National Security Policy
Foreign Relations of the United States
Seminar in Comparative Politics
Seminar in International Relations
United States and Mexico Border Issues
Forensic Analysis or Corporate Crime
Introductory Accounting I
Introductory Accounting II
Geography of Economic Activity
Occupational and Corporate Crime
Transnational Organized Crime
Total Units41

Note: If not already used a major requirement, the internship (CJUS 575, GEOG 575 or IST 575) or independent study (CJUS 595, GEOG 595 or IST 595) could be used as electives

Note: Students transferring from community colleges may substitute a maximum of 12 lower-division units selected from administration of justice, geography, or political science courses toward the electives category.

Technical Proficiency Requirement (37-39 units)

Select one (1) area of proficiency and complete all required and elective courses.

Proficiency in Geographic Information Systems (Program Code: CCAG) (39)
GEOG 100Introduction to Human Geography4
GEOG 103Physical Geography5
GEOG 201Map Interpretation4
GEOG 306Remote Sensing of the Environment4
GEOG 308Advanced Geographic Information Systems5
GEOG 315Spatial Analysis4
GEOG 402Geographic Information Systems Applications5
GEOG 406Digital Image Processing4
Select 4 units minimum from the following:4
Geography of the Developing World
Military Geography
Field Methods in Geography
Geographic Statistics and Research Methods
Internship in Geography (if not used previously to satisfy major requirements)
Total Units39
Proficiency in Cyber Security (Program Code: CCAC) (37)
GEOG 103Physical Geography5
GEOG 306Remote Sensing of the Environment4
IST 275Information Networking and Security4
IST 215Cyber Security4
IST 372Information Technology4
IST 415Security Systems Management4
IST 511Cyber Defense4
IST 525Computer Forensics4
Select 4 units minimum from the following:4
Systems Analysis and Design
Business Systems I
Advanced Data Base Management and Information Assurance
Advanced Information Networking and Security
Internship (If not used previously to satisfy major requirements)
Total Units37

Note: Technical proficiency options have additional requirements if you desire to obtain profession certifications.  Consult the relevant department.