Minor in Ethnic Studies - Chicano(a)/Latino(a) Studies

Requirements (28 units)

Designed to provide increased awareness, knowledge and an in-depth understanding, the minor in Ethnic Studies, Chicano(a)/ Latino(a) Studies will address issues of language, history, culture, politics, economics, education, immigration and the creative expression of the Chicano/Latino presence in this country. Students will examine this growing ethnic group's experience in a social context and its interdependence with other populations by addressing interracial, intercultural and international understanding.

Requirements for a minor in Ethnic Studies - Chicano(a)/Latino(a) Studies

ES 102Chicano(a)/Latino(a) Culture: An Overview4
ES 300Research Methods in Ethnic Studies4
ES 394Topics in Ethnic Studies4
Eight units chosen from:8
Aztecs, Maya and their Predecessors
ES 595A-D
Independent Study (for a total of 4 units)
Chicano History
Minority Politics: Latino Politics
The Chicano Family
Chicano Social Stratification
Eight units chosen from:8
Mexican Art
Chicano Art
Chicano Literature
The Origin and Contemporary Role of Latino Culture
Aspects of Chicana/o Culture
Chicano Literature in Spanish
Total Units28