Bachelor of Arts in Geography - Global Studies Option

Requirements (65 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

Requirements for the B.A. in Geography - Global Studies Option (Program Code: GEGL)

Lower-division requirements (17)
GEOG 103Physical Geography5
GEOG 201Map Interpretation4
PSCI 204International Relations4
SSCI 165Regions and Peoples of the World4
Upper-division requirements (20)
GEOG 303Introduction to Global Studies4
GEOG 305Geographic Statistics and Research Methods4
GEOG 312Geography of the Developing World4
GEOG 313Geography of the Developed World4
GEOG 350Conservation and Natural Resources4
Electives (28)
Four units chosen from:4
Globalization and Culture
Colonial and Postcolonial Anthropology
Four units chosen from:4
International Economics
Global Economy
Geography of Economic Activity
HSCI 344International Perspectives on Nutrition4
or HSCI 359 Global Health
PSCI 300Western Political Systems4
or PSCI 306 Latin American Politics
PSCI 400International Politics4
or GEOG 320 Geography of Social Issues
Eight units chosen from other university courses, or from courses not taken in the upper-division electives. These courses must have an international or world regions perspective and must be chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor.8
Total Units65