Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Social Service Track

Requirements (62 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

Students majoring in sociology may wish to pursue a course of study that will provide them with appropriate training for working in social service agencies. This track, which generally overlaps with the sociology major requirements, requires that the core courses in sociology be taken. The elective course requirements (at least 36 units) should be met in the categories of Social Service Policy and Practice, Applications in Social Service and the Capstone Experience.

Requirements for the B.A. in Sociology - Social Service Track (Program Code: SSST)

Sociology Core (22)
SOC 100The Study of Society4
SOC 301Qualitative Research4
SOC 307Social Research I5
SOC 309Social Research II5
SOC 311Sociological Theory4
Social Service Policy and Practice (12)
Twelve units chosen from:12
Sociology of Social Welfare
Community Organization
Group Dynamics
Social Casework
Social Structures and Processes (12)
SOC 339Socialization4
or SOC 360 Social Psychology
Four units chosen from:4
Sociology of the Family
Marriage and Family Among Blacks
The Chicano Family
Sociology of LGBT Families
Four units chosen from:4
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
Sociology of Work
Social Capital and Social Networks
Social Class
Black Social Stratification
Chicano Social Stratification
Sociology of Gender
Latino Health
Applications in Social Services (8)
Eight units chosen from:8
Social Gerontology
Population and Society
Sociology of Family Violence
Juvenile Offender
Deviant Behavior
Medical Sociology
Sociology of Mental Illness
Sociology of Education
Approved upper-division courses from Health Science, Psychology, and Social Work may be substituted for these units chosen in consultation with department advisor.
Capstone Experience (8)
Students must choose either A or B8
Group A:
Internship in Sociology (or one additional sociology elective from those not chosen in a previous category and in consultation with department advisor)
Seminar in Sociology (or any 500-level SOC course except SOC 595 Independent Study)
Group B:
Internship in Sociology (for a total of 8)
Total Units62