Education-School Business Management (ESBM)


ESBM 311. School Business Management. 4 Units.

Analysis of various approaches to school business administration, current trends, use of technology models of organization and management, relationship to county, state, and federal agencies, and functions of business management in relation to the size of school districts. Formerly EADM 511.

ESBM 312. School Finance and Budgeting. 4 Units.

Legal considerations in finance and budgeting, evaluation of California school finance program, fiscal relationship to county, state and federal agencies, budget control, school revenues and expenditures and budgetary procedures and processes and risk management. Formerly EADM 512.

ESBM 313. School Accounting and Fiscal Operations. 4 Units.

School fund accounting, attendance accounting, organization and review of student body accounts, state and federal project funding, and certificated and classified payroll laws and regulations pertaining to school accounting procedures. Formerly EADM 513.

ESBM 314. Business Support and Service Operations; Purchasing Warehousing and Inventory. 2 Units.

Purchasing, warehousing, logistics and inventory in the educational setting.

ESBM 315. Facilities Planning, Construction and Risk Management. 2 Units.

School facility planning and construction in the educational setting.

ESBM 316. School Maintenance, Operations and Transportation. 2 Units.

Maintenance, operations and transportation in the educational setting.

ESBM 317. Legal Aspects of Classified Personnel Administration. 4 Units.

Current laws and court decisions affecting public school education with a focus on classified personnel administration and laws of California. Formerly EADM 519.

ESBM 318. Classified Personnel Administration and Supervision. 4 Units.

Recruitment, selection, induction, training, evaluation and contract negotiations involving classified employees under merit and non-merit systems. Formerly EADM 525.

ESBM 320. Fieldwork in School Business Management. 2 Units.

Prerequisites: ESBM 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318
Practicum experience at the district level that allows the candidate to observe and learn multiple responsibilities of the Chief Business Official.