Human Resource Management (HRM)


HRM 455. Human Resources Management. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: MGMT 302 or PSYC 302, and the upper-division writing requirement
Policies related to human resources; human resources planning, employee selection and development, performance appraisal, compensation, relationships with unionized employees, collective bargaining. Formerly MGMT 455.

HRM 456. Developing an Effective Workforce. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: HRM 455 or PSYC 355
Theory and practice of employee selection, training, and performance appraisal. Formerly MGMT 456.

HRM 457. Industrial and Labor Relations. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: HRM 455 or PSYC 355
Analysis of historical, political, legal, economic and managerial forces which lead to the development of labor unions and collective bargaining. Focus on legal rights of employees and managerial rights of employer. Involves case law and bargaining simulation. Formerly MGMT 457.

HRM 458. Fair Employment Practices. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: HRM 455 or PSYC 355
An evaluation of fair employment practices in employment. Course emphasizes antidiscriminatory legislation and its application to employer-employee relationships. Formerly MGMT 458.

HRM 460. Compensation and Performance. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: HRM 455 or PSYC 355
An examination of reward systems, both financial and non-financial, in the business enterprise. Financial rewards include the process of job analysis, job evaluation, and the market surveys with an emphasis on the firm's competitive strategy. Benefit administration and compensation systems for special groups are also presented. Various systems of performance management are studied, including individual employee performance appraisals. Formerly MGMT 460.

HRM 470. Strategic Human Resource Management. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: HRM 455 or PSYC 355 and HRM 456 and HRM 458
Capstone course integrating human resource management materials acquired through the required concentration courses and addressing the strategic role of HR professionals in organizations. Formerly MGMT 470.