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The College of Extended Learning (CEL) at California State University, San Bernardino offers a variety of programs and serves as the main outreach arm of the University to extend its educational services to local communities and audiences across the region, nation and internationally.

California State University, San Bernardino considers its Extended Learning credit and noncredit programs as an integral part of the University. These programs are an extension of the University's educational services and are in concert with its overall mission and purpose. Academic programs and courses offered through CEL meet the standards of quality, which the University sets for all its programs and courses in terms of resources, faculty, level of instruction, evaluation and support services.

The College of Extended Learning serves a wide variety of audiences that range from school age youth, young adults and working professionals, by offering programs that meet their educational needs for academic preparation, professional growth, career advancement or personal enrichment. All programs offered through the College of Extended Learning are offered on a self-supporting basis without any state funds.

Academic Degree Programs and Courses

In partnership with academic colleges within the University, the College of Extended Learning offers degree and certificate programs to students who cannot access CSUSB programs on campus. These programs, known as "Special Sessions," are fully self-supporting. Programs may be offered at off-campus locations nationally and internationally, as well as online. Special Sessions degree and/or certificate programs meet the same quality standards as those offered on campus. Students must be admitted to the University in order to enroll. Through Special Sessions, the College of Extended Learning, extends the University's high quality academic programs to audiences that otherwise could not be served. For more information on Special Sessions available through the College of Extended Learning, call (909) 537-5976.

Continuous Enrollment

Graduate students who are preparing for the comprehensive exam must remain in continuous enrollment until their degree is granted. Students can meet the continuous enrollment requirement by enrolling in the Graduate Continuous Enrollment course through the College of Extended Learning. No credit is earned, however students are allowed to maintain their status in their graduate degree program. 

Open University

Most courses listed in the University catalog are open to non-matriculated students through the Open University program on a space-available basis. Students can apply up to 36 units earned through Open University toward a bachelor's degree and 13 units toward a master's degree (subject to approval by the appropriate department).

Open University is designed for those who:

  • Want to examine a particular field before seeking admission to the University and enrolling in a degree program;
  • Want to update professional skills;
  • Missed the deadline for admission to CSUSB;
  • Have stopped attending CSUSB and wish to re-enter;
  • Want to improve their GPA in order to reenter an academic program;
  • Wish to take selected CSUSB courses that will transfer to another university and or;
  • Want to take a course for the enjoyment of learning.

Students who desire to enroll in Open University classes are required to obtain a registration form from the College of Extended Learning and approval of the instructor. Graduate-level and education credential courses are not available through Open University, and certain other courses are restricted and require departmental approval. Matriculated students are not allowed to enroll concurrently in the Open University program. For more information, call (909) 537-5975.

Professional and Continuing Education (PACE)

A variety of credit and noncredit courses and programs are offered to meet educational needs of residents in the Inland Empire and beyond. Taught by university faculty and academically qualified practitioners, many of these courses provide professional development in business, management, education, healthcare, human services and other fields, with the aim of improving one's effectiveness on the job or opening doors to new careers.

The College of Extended Learning offers many certificate programs, online and in the classroom, that can help participants gain a competitive edge for upward mobility in their workplace. Current certificate programs and workshops include topic areas such as:

  • Art and Design
    • Graphic Design with Photoshop
    • Marketing Design Certificate
    • Web Design Professional
  • Behavioral, Health Sciences, and Social Work
    • Activity Director
    • Graduate Certificate in Couseling
    • Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management
    • Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation Couseling
    • Social Service Assistant
  • Business and Management
    • Accounting Certificate
    • Administrative Professional with MS Office Specialist 2016
    • Administrative Professional with MS Office Specialist 2016 (Vouchers included)
    • Administrative Professional with MS Office Master 2016
    • Administrative Professional with MS Office Master 2016 (Voucher Included)
    • Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office Specialist 2013
    • Executive Assistant
    • Professional Bookkeeping with Quickbooks 2015, with Software
    • Grant Writing
    • Professional Interpreter
    • Human Resources Professional
    • Senior Professional In Human Resources
    • Social Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate
    • Payroll Practice and Management
    • Public Procurement (Management Certificate)
    • Technical Writing
    • Social Innovation and Diversity Management Certificate
    • Chartered Tax Professional for California Residents
  • Computer Technology
    • Cloud Computing Training Programs
    • CompTIA™ Certification Training: A+, Network+, Security+
    • Computer Technician
    • Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology
    • Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Methodology
    • Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist
    • Introduction to C++ Programming
    • Introduction to Java Programming
    • Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) Training
    • Video Game Design and Development
  • Construction and Sustainability
    • Certified Green Supply Chain Professional
    • Building Analyst Quick Start
    • Home Inspection Certificate
    • HVACR Certified Technician
    • Solar Power Professional
  • Cyber Security
    • Certificate in Intelligence Methodology
  • Education
    • Advanced Classroom Management
    • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
    • Autism and Asperger's Disorder
    • Behavior Is Language
    • Child Abuse
    • Continuous Enrollment for Graduate Candidacy Standing
    • Drugs and Alcohol in Schools
    • Early Orientation for Designated Subjects
    • Educational Assessment
    • Family-Centered Services
    • Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management
    • Graduate Certificate in Counseling
    • Graduate Certificate in E-Learning
    • Graduate Certificate in Education of the Gifted and Talented
    • Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology
    • Graduate Certificate in Reading and Literacy
    • Graduate Certificate in School Business Management
    • Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language
    • Harassment, Bullying and Cyber-Intimidation in Schools
    • Inclusion
    • Infant and Toddler Mental Health
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Observation and Assessment
    • Online Certificate in Reading Fundamentals
    • Program Planning
    • Reading and Writing in Content Area
    • STEM Certificate for Educators
    • Supervision Coordination (SC)
    • Talented And Gifted
    • Teaching Diversity
    • Teaching Elementary Math Conceptually
    • Traumatized Child
    • Try DI!
    • Typical and Atypical Development
    • Understanding Aggression
    • Understanding and Implementing Common Core Standards
    • Violence in Schools
    • Why DI?
  • Healthy Eating Series
    • Easy Ways with Winter Veggies
  • Hospitality
    • Food and Customer Service Skills Training
    • Travel Agent Training Online Certificate
    • Hospitality Management Certificate
  • Legal Studies
    • Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Methodology
    • Paralegal
  • Marketing
    • Graphic Design with Photoshop
    • Marketing Design Certificate
    • Microsoft Web Developer
    • Mobile and Desktop Web Developer / Responsive Web Design
    • Mobile Web Developer
    • Online Marketing Certified Associate(OMCA®) Certificate Programs with Voucher
    • OMCP Paid Search Professional (Voucher Included)
    • OMCP Search Marketing Professional (Voucher Included)
    • OMCP Social and Mobile Marketing Professional (Voucher Included)
    • Web Design Professional
  • Medical & Health Care
    • Administrative Dental Assistant
    • Basic Audiometry and Hearing Problems
    • Clinical Dental Assistant
    • Clinical Medical Assistant Program with a Clinical Externship
    • CPR and First Aid
    • ICD–10 For ICD-9 Coders
    • Individualized Supervised-Practice Pathways/Dieterics
    • Medical Billing and Coding Professional
    • Medical Administrative Assistant Online Certificate
    • Medical Administrative Assistant with E.H.R.
    • Medical Billing (Voucher included)
    • Medical Transcription and Editing
    • Optician Certification Training
    • Professional Medical Coding & Billing with PCS
    • Pharmacy Technician
    • Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program with a Clinical Externship
    • Physical Therapy Aide
  • Personal Enrichment
    • A Sojourn Through the San Bernardino Valley: 1776 to the Present
    • Exploring the Cajon Pass
  • Test Preparation
    • GRE Test Preparation
    • SAT Preparation
    • U.S. Constitutional Challenge Examination
  • Transportation
    • Freight Broker/Agent Training
    • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  • Youth and High School
    • CPR and First Aid
    • Online High School
    • SAT Preparation
    • STEM Summer Camp

Extension courses offered through The College of Extended Learning are designed with professional growth in mind, apply toward continuing education requirements and can be used for salary advancement for teachers.

PACE also offers numerous online career training programs and personal enrichment classes in areas such as test preparation, local history and recreation. For more information, call (909) 537-5976.

In-service Credit for Training Programs

Schools, school districts, municipalities and other organizations interested in planning special staff development programs may contact the College of Extended Learning to arrange for university credit. Training programs that meet academic criteria set forth by CSUSB can provide participants with CEU hours or extension credit (non-degree applicable credit) that can be used toward school district requirements for professional development. The application process is simple and quick. For more information, call (909) 537-5976.

Workplace Training / Contract Programs / Customized Training

The College of Extended Learning provides training development programs, certificate programs and educational components for grants on a contractual basis for business (large and small), private industry, health care organizations, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.

In direct consultation with the participating organization, the College of Extended Learning will develop custom-designed professional development programs, including language programs, to accelerate the professional effectiveness, productivity and problem-solving skills of the organization's staff. For more information, call (909) 537-3982.

Online Career Training Programs

The College of Extended Learning provides training programs, certificate programs and educational components for grants on a contractual basis for businesses, healthcare organizations, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.

In direct consultation with the participating organization, the College of Extended Learning will develop custom-designed professional development programs, to improve the professional effectiveness, productivity and problem-solving skills of the organization's staff. For more information, call (909) 537-3982.

Online Career Training Programs

The College of Extended Learning offers online continuing education programs and courses designed to provide the workforce skills necessary to acquire professional skills needed in many in-demand occupational areas such as business, education, health care, health sciences, education, electronic arts and information technology. The programs are designed to develop expertise in desired fields and/or prepare participants for industry certification exams.

In addition, Extended Learning offers hundreds of individual online personal enrichment, skill building and training courses in many subject areas. For more information, call (909) 537-5976.

International Extension Programs

International Extension Programs (IEP) is a division within the College of Extended Learning that offers programs for international students. Participants from across the world attend IEP credit or non-credit courses and programs that can be customized in content and length.

IEP offers numerous program options in the area of Intensive English Language training, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Programs, International Training & Education Programs, and Study Abroad in the USA Programs.

The English Language Program (ELP)

The English Language Program (ELP) is designed for international students, professionals or those seeking an intensive English experience focusing on reading, writing and listening/speaking, as well as an introduction to American culture. The program focuses on providing the academic English language skills needed to meet the requirements for admission into the university’s undergraduate or graduate programs. All students are required to take a three-part placement test upon entrance. The placement test consists of an oral interview, written composition and a standardized multiple choice exam. Students are placed in a level of instruction based on the test results. ELP consists of 6 levels:

Level 1 Beginner

Students will study basic grammar concepts, develop writing skills, and become familiar with new vocabulary and spelling through reading, listening and speaking exercises.

Level 2 Pre-Intermediate

Students will continue to develop their use of English structures through grammar, reading, writing and speaking exercises. In addition, they will develop essay writing and conversational skills.

Level 3 Intermediate

Students will transition into the use of free expression to continue to acquire English skills used in intermediate writing assignments, conversation and reading.

Level 4 Upper-Intermediate

Students will understand and accurately use basic and complex English structures and build on the writing process as they continue to develop their analysis, critically thinking and summarizing skills.

Level 5 Advanced

Through the improvement of their critical thinking skills as applied to written and oral academic research and argument, as well as the use of more complex vocabulary, students will attain the language needed for university study. Successful completion will waive the TOEFL requirement for undergraduate admission into CSUSB.

Level 6 Graduate Program Preparation

With a graduate program preparation focus, this level is designed to increase English proficiency through advanced research and essay writing, test intensive reading and oral presentations. Successful completion will waive the TOEFL requirement for admission to most graduate programs at CSUSB.

Gateway USA

In this program, participants learn to speak and understand English with more confidence by immersing themselves in American culture and the California lifestyle. They acquire language skills as they focus on their listening, speaking, reading and writing while practicing in real-life situations.  

Academic Pathway Program (APP )

Academic Pathway program (APP) provides an excellent opportunity for students who are serious about their academic goals, but do not meet admission requirements for California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) based on their high school Grade Point Average (GPA).

The program allows students to be conditionally admitted to a CSUSB undergraduate program with their high school GPA between 2.00 and 2.49. Students who successfully complete APP with a GPA of 2.75 or higher will be admitted to bachelor degree programs at CSUSB.

The APP is comprised of up to 36 units of academic credit classes. These classes are to fulfill general education requirements at CSUSB. Students typically enroll in nine classes over one academic year (three terms of study). Classes will transfer towards undergraduate degree requirements.  

Study Abroad in the USA

Study Abroad in the USA program gives international students an opportunity to take university courses that can be transferred to their home university. Participants come to CSUSB for one or several terms and take courses with American students.

TESOL Programs

The TESOL programs are designed for individuals who have a desire to work with children and/or adults who are learning English as a second language. IEP offers TESOL Teacher Training, 120-Hour TESOL Certificate Programs and Advanced TESOL Certificate Programs.

While the TESOL Teacher Training program is a one-month noncredit practice focused program, the advanced TESOL Certificate Program provides an excellent foundation in TESOL practices, research, and theory. If participants decide they would like to pursue a master's in TESOL at CSUSB, the coursework in this advanced certificate program applies towards their degree. 

International Training & Education Programs

The International Training and Education Programs (ITEP) offer custom designed programs for a variety of international participants ranging from high school students to government and corporate executives. Executives and managers in the public and private sectors from around the world attend management training and educational programs. Through these programs, ITEP promotes business cooperation and educational and cultural exchanges for the mutual interests of both the United States and other countries. Many ITEP programs are designed for mid-career professionals and executives seeking training in various academic disciplines in topics such as U.S culture and values, English language, business and social etiquette, organizational practices and protocol, and corporate and government culture.

ITEP also offers advanced technology training for engineers and technicians in various industrial fields. ITEP training programs are designed to help international participants advance their career while they obtain workforce skills necessary to acquire professional positions in many in-demand occupations. IEP can also design programs tailored to individual group's specific needs. Programs are customized based on length, subjects, specific interests, needs and budget. Programs in English for specific purposes can be arranged to meet industry or academic needs. 

MBA Preparatory Program 

This program is designed for international students preparing for admission into the MBA degree program in order to study at CSUSB. The program is 9 months long and has three main areas of focus including English language skills, GMAT preparation and academic skills.

Camp Programs 

These programs are designed for international students, professionals or those just seeking to enhance their English language experience. It is focused on conversation and communication skills with a cultural immersion component such as field trips to nearby areas of interest.

Tribal Management

This program is a 2-week, custom-designed training program in Tribal/Hospitality Management. The program consists of five hours of lecture per day, five days per week and tours to nearby Native American reservations.


This 2-week program helps introduce participants to the cutting edge information on cyber security. It is customized to prepare participants to meet the cyber security threats of tomorrow with topics such as Security in the Cloud: Fact or Fiction? And Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Consumerization.

Summer Intensive Business English Program

The Summer Intensive Business English program is for learners seeking an intensive English language experience to enhance languages skills and business knowledge. The program combines business English, industry visits and American culture.  

Entrepreneurial Management

Entrepreneurial Management is an intensive summer program designed for business students with a focus on process and methods involved in starting and growing enterprises including accessing capital and positioning an enterprise for sustainability.

China Programs

The China Programs Office (CPO) at CSUSB offers a one-stop resource for global management training, professional development, intercultural exchange and educational programs. It is designed to host educational training programs for mid-career professionals and executives from China in various academic disciplines as well as programs in U.S. culture and values, English language, business and social etiquette, organizational practices and protocol, and corporate and government culture.

The CPO training programs will build cultural and business bridges between the United States, and China and foster increased exchange among organizations and individuals in economic, governmental, academic, and civic sectors. To ensure the success of these programs, IEP works closely with faculty and with expert professionals in California companies and government agencies at the state, city, and national levels.

Oil & Gas Programs

Driven by learning outcomes, Oil & Gas Programs at IEP are designed to meet the educational and training needs for oil and gas sector professionals while introducing content that is suitable for upstream, midstream and downstream functions. While custom designed programs are available for client companies as per their specific operations and objectives, there are five standard programs available: (1) Executive Project Management for Oil & Gas Professionals, (2) Oil & Gas Operations, (3) Mechanical & Compressor Maintenance, (4) Supply Chain Management, (5) Programmable Logic Controllers & Digital Circuits, (6) Electrical Operations & Maintenance, (7) Health, Safety & Environment.

Executive Project Management for Oil & Gas Professionals

This program is suitable for all field and administration employees and supervisors who are hoping to gain a strong understanding of project management. Content includes classes in Project Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, Project Quality Management, Project Human Resource Management, Project Communication Management, Project Risk Management, Project Procurement Management, and Project Stakeholder Management. Participants with good statistical background are also introduced to Six Sigma problem solving using the DMAIC model.

Oil & Gas Operations

This extensive program covers principal areas in practical drilling and production engineering in the oil and gas industry. Classes are comprised of a wide spectrum of topics including well control, drilling basics, casing, cementing, discovery wells, PVT, pressure transient analysis, EOR, accelerated recovery versus maximizing ultimate recovery, proper well construction, zone isolation, squeezing, artificial lift, casing and wellhead design, completions overview, shallow versus deep, troubleshooting poor performing offset wells, stimulation, fracturing and acidizing, fracture design choices, monitoring acid diversion with fiber optic, facilities design, oil and gas measurement and sales.

Mechanical & Compressor Maintenance

The program includes classes on the following topics: Introducing Mechanical Maintenance: Maintenance Types & Strategies (Breakdown Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, and Proactive Maintenance), Compressors: Methods & Types (Reciprocating [Single-Acting, Double-Acting, Single-Stage, and Two-Stage], Ejectors, and Dynamic [Centrifugal and Axial Compressors]), Pumps: Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting (Reciprocating, Centrifugal, Turbines, and Rotary), Valves: Types, Purposes & Flow Calculation [Gas and Oil], Gas Turbines: Description, Principles of Operation, Components, Industrial Types – Categories [Single-Dual-Twin Shaft] and Cycles. Depending on participants’ background and previous training, this program may expand to topics such as Vibration Analysis for Predictive Maintenance, Advance Techniques in Preventive Maintenance, Advanced Valve Selection, Maintenance & Repair, Advance Operation and Maintenance of Rotating Equipment, Lubrication, Welding Technology, and Corrosion.

Oil & Gas Supply Chain Management

The ultimate objective of this program is to equip participants with sound skills for domestic and international logistics and supply chain management. This program provides skills and knowledge in enterprise resource planning, decision making in supply chain and transportation management, transportation systems management, quality management, logistics strategy, transportation issues and development, information mapping and data visualization, and international logistics. Logistics management involving oil and gas products within and across boarders are included as well as international business environment, international transportation, intermediaries, import/export regulations, payment and risks, and cultural differences of the global supply chain.

Programmable Logic Controllers & Digital Circuits

This program focuses on programmable logic controllers and digital circuits used in oil & gas facilities. Content is designed to revise the basics and gradually advance in level to advanced PLC topics and functions. Modules in this program are designed to include, PLC fundamentals, analogue controllers, digital controllers, control performance, ladder logic diagrams, advanced PLC functions, open and closed loop systems, Proportional Integral Derivate (PID), Allen Bradley ControlLogix, and Siemens S7-300/400. More modules are added as they relate to participants’ backgrounds and instrumentation used in their company fields.

Electrical Operations & Maintenance

While this program is designed primarily for technical works, electrical engineers in oil and gas facilities can also benefit from a refresher and updates on the advances in the field. Modules in this program are designed to include cathodic protection, lighting and small power, electrical faultfinding and troubleshooting, hazardous areas classification and installation, earthing systems, protection systems and equipment, power generation systems and equipment, low voltage distribution systems and equipment, high voltage distribution systems and equipment, electrical transformers, power quality and management, uninterruptable power suppliers and battery banks, electrical pumps, motors and MCC.

Health, Safety & Environment

The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in Oil & Gas Industry Program is designed to promote the knowledge and skills of professionals responsible for safety in oil and gas facilities. Modules in this program are designed to include current technology and practices that increase trainees’ effectiveness and raise awareness of the various aspects of HSE functions in oil and gas facilities. These include such topics as HSE tools, standards, measurement, competency requirements, permit-to-work systems, startup and shut down of hydrocarbon involving operations, HSE management context, oil spill and explosion response, risk assessment, incident investigation, extraction and processing hazards, risk management techniques, safety case management, medical emergencies, HSE auditing, environment management, radiation, NORM (regulations and processes), and HSE technical report writing.

Homestay Program

Homestay is a housing option for international students who want to improve their English in an immersion setting and learn how American families live. Host families allow students to become members of their families. This means spending time with the family in the evenings and on weekends, having fun with them and participating in daily family activities. Homestay program provides a room (single or double), three meals a day and transportation to and from school.

For information on ELP, ITEP, Homestay or any of the international programs offered through the College of Extended Learning's International Extension Programs office, call IEP at (909) 537-5978.