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ART 304. Advanced Drawing and Life Drawing. 5 Units.

Prerequisites: ART 122 or consent of instructor
Further exploration in techniques of drawing for purposes of creative expression. May be repeated for a maximum of 25 units as content changes. Materials fee required.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Note : Students transferring from a California community college who received credit for an intercultural communication course may substitute COMM 302 , COMM 401 , COMM 471 , or COMM 580 for COMM 304 with consent of department chair.

Master of Arts in Communication Studies

The M.A. in Communication Studies is designed for students who wish to advance from this degree to further graduate work and for those wishing to apply advanced communication perspectives, methodologies, and competencies in their careers. This program is unique in its distinct intercultural orientation, cultivating an understanding of national, racial, ethnic, gender and other cultural differences in a wide range of communication settings and activities. Students are encouraged to develop focused programs of study (e.g., organizational communication, media studies, communication education). Whatever focus the student may achieve, however, will be contextualized by an understanding and application of intercultural communication theory and practice.

Bachelor of Music in Performance

...professional performers of classical art music. Students must...core history courses (MUS 304 through 307 and...