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ART 320. Digital Image Editing. 5 Units.

Introduction to image processing and editing software. Retouching, restoring, color correction, adjusting brightness, contrast and color balance, applying patterns, filters and special effects, create montages, paint and use selection, layering, feathering, and painting tools, gain an understanding of the significance of image formats and resolution for scanning and output, and work with processed images in other software applications. Two hours lecture and six hours laboratory. Materials fee required.

Student Life

...1-bathroom apartment; $10,320 per person for...a state-of-the-art theater, multi-purpose...

Master of Arts in Applied Archaeology

The Master of Arts in Applied Archaeology is a professionally oriented program designed to prepare students for middle and upper-level careers in the archaeological sector of the cultural resource management (CRM) industry. The core of the program comprises courses in archaeology with an emphasis on combining practical experience in field and laboratory studies with an internship and research project undertaken in collaboration with a government agency or private firm that conducts archaeological investigations in the context of CRM. Students will also obtain an in-depth understanding of archaeological theory, California archaeology, and the laws, regulations, and procedures relevant to archaeology and CRM in our region. Elective courses will enable students to pursue an interest further in history, archaeology, or historic preservation. The program is intended for evening students primarily and, therefore, classes are predominantly scheduled between 6 and 10 p.m.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

As prerequisite for acceptance into the B.A. in Criminal Justice, students must complete the following as a “Pre-criminal justice major.” Upon successful completion of the requirements, student’s major will be changed automatically from “Pre-criminal justice” to “Criminal Justice” status. Following formal entrance to the criminal justice major, students may proceed with upper-division CJUS courses.