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ART 325. Advanced Digital Image Editing. 5 Units.

Prerequisites: ART 320 or consent of instructor
Advanced uses of image processing software. Multiple masking, controlling color transparency, layers, luminosity, complex image compositing, advanced illustration effects, 3D effects, photo-realistic painting, and montage. Two hours lecture and six hours laboratory. Materials fee required.

General Education Program HUM 325 , NSCI 325 , SSCI 325 * The...literature, languages, and the arts-intellect, imagination, sensibility...

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies - Integrated Track (B.A. and Multiple Subject Credential)

The Liberal Studies Integrated Track is designed specifically for students who wish to enter elementary school teaching AND who want to save time by working on credential preparation along with their B.A. degree. The Integrated Track will not suit the needs of all students and, since the Liberal Studies program has several tracks from which to choose, students should seek advisement as early as possible at the Liberal Studies Peer Advising Center (PALS), CE-114. Grades in categories A (with exception of A1 and A4), B, D, E, F, G, and I must be a "C-" or better. Grades in categories A1, A4, and C must be a "C" or better. Grades in categories J, K and L must be a "B-" or better with an overall GPA of 3.0 in those categories. Requirements for entering the Multiple Subject Credential program: Junior status (90 quarter units), Cumulative grade point average of 2.67 or higher, Completion of lower division coursework, Verification of a negative tuberculin examination within the last four years, Submission of an application for a Certificate of Clearance, Written verification that the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) has been taken or a passing score on the CBEST, Submission of a Program Admission File (PAF) to the Credentials Office, CE-102, at least one quarter prior to enrollment in Credential courses (Phase I); Assessments are a required component of the Integrated Track and are found under categories I through L. All entering freshmen must enroll in HUM 197  during the first quarter of enrollment. After 90 units are completed, students must enroll in HUM 397 and HUM 597 in either of their last two quarters before graduation. Transfer students must enroll in HUM 197 during the first quarter of enrollment if they have not had an equivalent course elsewhere, followed by HUM 397  the next quarter and HUM 597 in either of their last two quarters before graduation; Requirements for admission to supervision (EELB 540A): Passing score on CBEST; Passing score on California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET); Completion of Phase I courses ( EELB 313 , EELB 315 , EELB 317 , EELB 510 , and EELB 519 ). Additional requirements for the Multiple Subject Credential Current and valid CPR certification that includes infant, child and adult; Reading Instruction Competency Assessment (RICA).