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Academic Regulations and Standards

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Bachelor or Arts in Career and Technical Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Career and Technical Studies (BCTS) is designed to provide candidates with significant occupational and teaching experience the opportunity to have that experience count as partial credit toward a baccalaureate degree. Applicants must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent and five years of work experience and/or education directly related to each subject the candidate teaches.

ARTĀ 335. Intermediate Painting. 5 Units.

Prerequisites: ART 235 or consent of instructor
Intermediate research in painting introducing the medium's expressive and conceptual possibilities. Includes color theory, composition, and material techniques developed in relation to the medium's historical background and contemporary practices. Two hours lecture and six hours activity. May be repeated for a maximum of 10 units as content changes.. Materials fee required.

EELBĀ 335. Reading/Language Arts Curriculum and Methods in the Elementary School. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: admission to the B.A. in Liberal Studies, Accelerated Track
Corequisites: ENG 311
Emphasis on integration of linguistic concepts with appropriate strategies for teaching emergent readers and writers of varied reading levels and language backgrounds. Strategies include developing phonemic awareness; systemic explicit phonics instruction; selection of appropriate materials and assessment measures; making reading and writing connections; supporting comprehension and vocabulary development; and organizing classrooms for a balanced literacy program. Course requires three hours lecture and two hours activity including observation and participation in approved setting.