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ARTĀ 643. Art Education: Research Statement and Literature Review. 2 Units.

Prerequisites: ART 641
Development of a research statement and literature review of student's chosen topic. Emphasis on in-class, guided, peer critique, and independent research.

EELBĀ 643. Advanced Social Studies and the Arts (Primary Language) Curriculum and Pedagogy. 4 Units.

Comprehensive course in curriculum and pedagogy in history/ social sciences and visual/performing arts. Emphasis on implementing state adopted curriculum standards and skills in an elementary school based on an in-depth understanding of concepts, skills, and strategies in history/social studies and the visual/performing arts. Includes designing instruction to meet academic and language needs of all learners including Spanish-speaking learners and learners with special needs. Use of bilingual/crosscultural teaching strategies and curriculum development, methods of integrating English and Spanish in the instructional program and evaluation of language skills are presented. Part of the course will be taught in Spanish. Requires a minimum six-hour field component including participation in teaching at an approved dual language setting if not concurrently enrolled in intern teaching. Fulfills credential requirement for EELB 534. Formerly EELB 648.