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ART 696. Art Education: Master's Project in Art Education. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: admission to the M.A. in Art, Art Education, successful completion of advancement review conducted by the Department of Art graduate committee, graduate coordinator, and art education advisor
Preparation for and participation in a group exhibition of artwork produced in the student's area of studio emphasis, and preparation and presentation of research in art education. A report and documentation of the artwork, and a completed research paper required. Open only to students who have been advanced to candidacy.

Master of Arts in Art - Art Education

The Master of Arts, Art Education emphasis is designed for K-12 art teachers with at least one year of teaching experience who wish to further develop their studio practice, art education pedagogy and teaching skills. The program offers a progressive perspective on art education that encourages innovative approaches and leadership in the field. Curriculum is balanced between theory and practice including: studio work, art education theory, art history and art criticism. Students receive intensive interaction with faculty and other students.

Master of Arts in Spanish

The M.A. in Spanish focuses on the strengthening of the knowledge of Spanish teachers as well as of the intensive study of literature, linguistics, and culture for those students who will be continuing their advanced studies. The degree is also appropriate for those students seeking employment in the public or private sector in positions that serve the Latino community or require knowledge of Spanish at an advanced level.

Master of Arts in Mathematics

The Master of Arts degree in Mathematics is a flexible program that allows students to tailor their studies to individual career goals. It emphasizes mathematical content courses and is appropriate not only for college teaching but also for students considering further graduate work.