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HSCI 615. Health Education Program Planning and Evaluation. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: classified status, prior or concurrent enrollment in HSCI 607, 613 and 614 or consent of instructor
Theory and practice of community health programs including strategic planning, community analysis and needs assessment, setting goals and objectives, implementation strategies, program evaluation and grant writing.

EDUC 615. Exploring Arts, Creativity and Sign Systems. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: consent of department
Application of the research on, and processes of art and creativity to learning. Exploration of the use of multiple modalities and somatic approaches to teaching, and semiotic understandings of disciplines. Introduction of intuitive development into the teaching/learning process.

ESPE 615. Seminar on Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Special Education. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: ESPE 530, ESPE 531 and admission to the Special Education Program
An intensive study of early language and literacy skills including English language development, assessment, instruction, and curriculum guidelines as related to infants, toddlers, and preschool age children with disabilities. Formerly ESPE 515.