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KINE 630. Physical Education for Special Populations. 4 Units.

Physical activity assessment, and program development for individuals with disabilities.

EDCA 630. Alternative and Correctional Education. 4 Units.

Prerequisite/Corequisite: EDCA 614
Similarities of alternative and correctional education students, and dissimilarities of organizational configuration and location in government. Introduction to the history and literature of alternative education, its role in selected urban and rural communities, and current trends. Includes the effects of educational reform, innovations consistent with the aspiration for multicultural education, and the teaching implications for the shift from a behavioral to a cognitive psychological base. (Also offered as EDCA 530. Students may not receive credit for both.) Students in EDCA 630 must complete additional requirements.

EDUC 630. Supportive Learning Environments for All Students. 4 Units.

Classroom and curricular differentiation strategies for diverse classroom and school learning environments. Emphasis on planning and implementing positive academic environments for all students.