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ETEC 634. Information Systems in Education. 4 Units.

Information systems providing history, current development and future potential of on-line and off-line data bases. Methods of search and retrieval of on-line and off-line information will be explored. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory.

EDSC 634. Research in Mathematics and Science Education. 4 Units.

Focus on current research in mathematics and science education.

EDCA 634. Correctional Education Leadership. 4 Units.

Prerequisite/Corequisite: EDCA 614
Principles of educational administration, educational supervision, and theories and processes of educational management, within correctional education. (Also offered as EDCA 534. Students may not receive credit for both.) Students in EDCA 634 must complete additional requirements.

EDUC 634. Motivation, Teaching and Learning. 4 Units.

Course focuses on theories, research, and concept of human motivation related to learning and teaching. Explores what motivates students to learn and examine strategies, techniques and interventions that promote and sustain learner motivation. Historical and contemporary research on motivation, teaching and learning will be reviewed, analyzed and discussed.

ESTM 634. Research in STEM Education. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: ESTM 510 or consent of the instructor
Focus on advanced research and implications on STEM Education.