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EELBĀ 313. Pedagogical Foundations for English Language Learners. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: admission to the Multiple Subject Credential Program
Overview of various theories, principles and instructional practices designed to develop the linguistic, social and academic proficiency of English language learners. Key issues and concepts include: linguistic development, first and second language acquisition, and the relationship between first language literacy and second language development. Relevant state and federal laws pertaining to the education of English learners, the impact of these mandates on student placement and school site instructional programs, the importance of students' families, cultural backgrounds and experiences and how these relate to successful school experiences for English learners are examined. Requires field component in an approved setting. Formerly EELB 333. May be taken concurrently with EELB 315 or EELB 316, EELB 317, EELB 510 and EELB 520B.