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EELBĀ 425. Literacy and Second Language Acquisition for the Intermediate Reader and Beyond. 3 Units.

Prerequisites: admission to the Multiple Subject Credential Program and completion of all Phase I courses
Continuation of EELB 315 and 316 which extends the study of literacy development for the intermediate reader and beyond for all learners including English learners, proficient English learners, and learners with special needs. Emphasis on developing higher level academic skills for complex reading, writing, speaking, and thinking; approaches to English language development (ELD); planning for both language and content instruction, literacy in the content areas; development of strategies to build comprehension and fluency; assessment techniques; and transfer of literacy skills from first to second language. Formerly EELB 449. May be taken concurrently with EELB 423, EELB 425 and EELB 520C and either EELB 540A or EELB 560A. If not taken concurrently with EELB 520C and either EELB 540A or EELB 560A, then six hours of fieldwork will be required.