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ENGĀ 102A. Stretch Composition I. 4 Units.

Analysis and use of strategies for critically reading and writing expository texts. Builds students' understandings of the relationships among language, meaning, and context, as well as their abilities to conduct research and evaluate sources, to use writing as a means of critical thinking, and to write essays that reflect a variety of rhetorical approaches. Students will remain with the same cohort of classmates in the same time slot across ENG 102A-ENG 103A-ENG 104A. Students identify themselves for placement in this course through Directed Self-Placement. Graded Credit/No Credit. No more than eight units of the ENG 102A-ENG 103A-ENG 104A stretch sequence may count toward graduation. Units are not applicable toward a degree.

Academic Regulations and Standards

...ENG 102A - ENG 103A - ENG 104A ), ( ENG 102B - ENG 103B - ENG 104B ), ( ENG 105A - ENG...