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ENGĀ 300. English Workshop. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: satisfaction of the GE written communication (A1) requirement
An intermediate-level refresher course in writing designed to prepare students for advanced work in composition. Concentration on specific techniques. May not be counted toward fulfilling requirements in the English major and does not fulfill the upper-division writing requirement. Not open to students who have already completed EDUC 306, ENG 306, HUM 306, MGMT 306, NSCI 306 or SSCI 306. Graded A, B, C/no credit.

Academic Regulations and Standards

...options ( ENG 102A - ENG 103A - ENG 104A ), ( advanced degree. Only 300- to 600-level...

Master of Arts in English Composition

...have completed ENG 523 and ENG 524 with...Graduate Coordinator to count 300-, 400- or 500...