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ESPEĀ 694. Special Education Leadership Evaluation and Outcomes II. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: California Preliminary Specialist Credential in the same credential area, completion of Level II coursework, or completion of program requirements for the Mild to Moderate Intern Program, and consent of the Program Director. Eligibility: students who developed an induction plan and have implemented that plan for a minimum of 18 months are eligible. The Individual Induction Plan, Professional Development Portfolio, and non-University activities will be evaluated. May be repeated for credit by students in the Mild to Moderate Disabilities Intern Program and by candidates seeking an additional authorization. Candidates who participated in an approved Induction Program and/or seeking a first Specialist Credential should take ESPE 694
Presentation of the Professional Development Portfolio demonstrating that the candidate has met the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Standards for a Clear Professional Specialist Credential.