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GEOLĀ 330. Sedimentary Geology I: Principles and Applications. 5 Units.

Prerequisites: GEOL 101 or equivalent.
Offered: Winter
General processes of sedimentary geology including provenance, sediment production, modification, and transportation; principles of fluid dynamics of water, air, and ice; and introduction to major continental sedimentary systems associated with fluid flow, including fluvial/alluvial, glacial, and aeolian systems. Laboratory work focuses on description, analytical techniques and interpretation of sedimentary materials including both unconsolidated sediment as well as sedimentary rocks. Techniques introduced include petrographic preparation/observations of both sediment and sedimentary rock; production of stratigraphic sections and the taxonomy of stratigraphic units; representative determinative mineralogy of sedimentary materials; textural analyses and associated descriptive statistics; description, taxonomy, and interpretation of representative sedimentary structures; and introduction to sediment and rock classifications. Four hours lecture and three hours laboratory. Materials fee required.