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HONĀ 306. Expository Writing for Honors. 4 Units.

Prerequisites: acceptance into the Honors Program, satisfaction of the GE written communication (A1) requirement and a minimum of 90 quarter (60 semester) units of college credit
Advanced expository writing workshop for students in the Honors Program. Writing will include documented research reports, summaries, and analytical papers. Papers and research will be directed toward developing and preparing a final draft report for the senior project. Course fulfills the graduation requirement in writing proficiency. No more than one of the expository writing courses (EDUC 306, ENG 306, HON 306, HUM 306, MGMT 306, NSCI 306, SSCI 306) may be taken for credit. Students who have received a grade of no credit in any combination of the expository writing courses two or more times must meet with the 306 coordinator or designee to design a developmental writing plan as a condition for enrolling for a third quarter. All students must obtain junior status at the time of registration or their course request will be cancelled. Formerly HON 495. Graded A, B, C/no credit.