Undergraduate Studies


Advising and Academic Services, (909) 537-5034. GraduateN4@csusb.edu

California State University, San Bernardino is committed to assisting students in earning a baccalaureate degree in the shortest time possible. With careful planning and a commitment to work diligently, many students have been able to graduate in four years (12 quarters).

Who is Eligible?

All ENTERING FRESHMEN who: [Apply by the first day of Fall 2017 classes]

  • Have declared a major (and concentration if applicable)
  • Are willing to earn 45 units or more per academic year (degree applicable)

      NOTE: Majors that require more than 180 units will need to earn more units per year.

  • Are eligible to take college-level math (Math 110 or higher) during their first term at CSUSB.
  • Have met all entrance requirements for the major.

STUDENT’S OBLIGATION Once Accepted Into the Program:

Students are required to attend an information session where they will sign their Four-Year Graduation Pledge Contract.

  1. Students may not have more than one major declared (unless approved by the Four-Year Graduation Pledge Coordinator), as having multiple majors and/or minors will increase the amount of units required and may result in not meeting the four-year graduation deadline.
  2. Students may not have more than one minor declared (unless approved by the Four-Year Graduation Pledge Coordinator).
  3. Students may not have more than two concentrations declared, including any concentration required for their major (unless approved by the Four-Year Graduation Pledge Coordinator).
  4. Students must COMPLETE an average of at least 15 units per quarter (45 units per year) to reach the minimum of 180 units required for a Bachelor of Arts degree in four years.
  5. Students are required to submit an Education Plan within their first academic quarter to plan and track their degree coursework and requirements. Education Plans MUST be approved and signed by either a faculty advisor or professional staff advisor (cannot be a peer advisor) within the student’s major/department.
  6. Students must enroll each quarter at the assigned on-line registration time. Students enrolling late cannot be assured of getting courses needed.
  7. Maintain a 2.0 CSUSB grade point average after each quarter (for students beginning Fall 2017).
  8. Meet regularly with their department academic advisor, follow the agreed upon Education Plan each quarter.
  9. Impacted majors must be accepted into their major according to the department's established schedule.
  10. Take courses at times (day or evening) when they are offered and/or available and in correct sequence.  Note: Students who change their major or concentration or who take a leave of absence may not necessarily be able to graduate in four years. Approval from the Four-Year Graduation Pledge Coordinator is required to change majors and for reinstatement into the Four-Year Graduation Pledge after a leave of absence. If approved, a new, advisor-approved, Education Plan demonstrating four-year graduation MUST be submitted to Advising & Academic Services.
  11. Demonstrate accountability by complying with all administrative and academic policies and procedures. Non-compliance will result in cancellation of the pledge agreement. 
  12. Students MUST file their Graduation Check no later than the Fall term of their 4th and final academic year.

What is the University’s Pledge?

  • California State University, San Bernardino pledges to provide sufficient classes for the Four-Year Graduation Pledge Program students in order for them to graduate in four years. All Four-Year Graduation Pledge Program students will receive first priority registration (Priority I) based on their quarterly academic progress monitored by Advising & Academic Services, Undergraduate Studies. (909) 537-5034. GraduateN4@csusb.edu

Participants who continue to meet eligibility (see above) must utilize their designated priority registration date and time to ensure timely advancement toward graduation.

Advising and Academic Services

University Hall, Room 380
(909) 537-5034 or (909) 537-5035 Advising and Academic Services website
askcsusb@csusb.edu (for advising questions)

The Office of Advising and Academic Services offers proactive leadership and guidance to foster holistic, strengths-based student development focused advising.  Services include:

  • Academic Probation and Subject to Dismissal Counseling
  • Undeclared and General Education Advising
  • Excessive Unit (Senior) Advising
  • EPT/ELM, Basic Skills and Remediation Compliance
  • Coordination of SOAR Advising and Registration
  • Student Success Peer Advisors (SSPA)
  • Dianna J. Pelletier Resiliency Scholarship Fund for students on probation
  • Four-Year Graduation Pledge Program
  • USTD 200, USTD 37USTD 27B
  • Coyote Advising Week
  • Finals Week Encouragement
  • Undergraduate University Petitions (Leave of Absence, Withdrawal Petition for Extenuating Circumstances, GE Course Substitution, and Simultaneous Enrollment).
  • Student Academic Grievance (Including Grade Appeals) – University Level

The office reviews and acts on the following petition requests: admission by special action, general education course substitutions, retroactive withdrawals, extension of time to remove "Incomplete" grades beyond one year, leave of absence, academic renewal, simultaneous enrollment, drop after census date for undeclared students, and other waivers of university regulations.

In addition, the office provides general education and degree planning assistance, academic counseling for continuing probation and dismissed students, and supervision for USTD 27B students (individualized study contract). E-mail Advising is available for students, faculty, staff and the community for academically related inquires.

Educational Opportunity Program

University Hall, Room 395
(909) 537-5042 Educational Opportunity Program website

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is an admissions and comprehensive support services program designed to assist historically low-income, first generation, underrepresented students who meet specific income guidelines and demonstrate the potential to obtain a baccalaureate degree offered by the university.

Through the Educational Opportunity Program, the student receives assistance with admissions, orientation, Summer Bridge, academic advising, financial aid, grants and scholarships, housing, tutoring, counseling, academic and life skills workshops, career planning, graduate school information, and other support services, depending upon individual needs.

Under the umbrella of the Educational Opportunity Program, current and former foster youth can receive additional support services through the EOP Renaissance Scholars Program. 

In order for a student to participate in EOP or the Renaissance Scholars Program, students must submit a separate application prior to admission to the university, meet the income criteria and be selected via the EOP application process.

Student Mentoring Program

Pfau Library, Room 208
(909) 537-7765 Student Mentoring Program website

Mentors are here to help students navigate their next transition at CSUSB.  The Student Mentoring Program (SMP) in the Office of Undergraduate Studies pairs first-year students with experienced CSUSB Student Mentors who have completed additional training to help them connect students with resources and support that are integral to college success. To learn more and get connected, contact our Student Mentors in-person, over the phone, or online. 

The First-Year Seminar

University Hall, Room 352
(909) 537-5032

The First-Year Seminar/University Studies 100a (USTD 100A) introduces students to academic and practical skills necessary to succeed at the university. Upon completion of this course, students will become aware of connections and differences across disciplines and learning experiences, explain how their knowledge, strengths, and life experiences influence their worldview and those of others, reflect upon academic processes and learning, and begin to develop a critical understanding of the information environment.

Supplemental Instruction

University Hall, Room 401.22
(909) 537-7355 Supplemental Instruction website

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a research-based, nationally proven method for helping students succeed in challenging courses by providing peer led, subject-matter instruction, support, and guidance to strengthen critical college skills. SI sessions meet twice a week for 50 minutes each (usually just after the content course lecture). SI is open to all students enrolled in the corresponding content course. Each SI session is limited to 20 students to maintain a small group environment.  For more information about SI call (909) 537-7355 or email retentionmatters@csusb.edu.

Testing and Tutoring

University Hall, Rooms 387 (testing) and 351 (tutoring)

(909) 537-5045 (inquiries about testing)

(909) 537-5038 (inquiries about tutoring); Testing and Tutoring website

Testing and Tutoring provides a variety of free academic support programs for CSUSB students. These include tutoring for many undergraduate courses, use of computers with pay printing, and general study aids.

Drop in tutoring in selected subjects (Tutoring Schedule) is available 8am to 8pm Monday through Thursday, and 8am to 5pm on Fridays. The computer lab opens at 7:45am each weekday.

Note that assistance in writing is provided by the Writing Centers, a separate office.

Testing and Tutoring administers tests for admission, academic placement and academic achievement. We administer makeup and proctored exams for CSUSB students and provide proctoring services to students attending distance or on-line schools and professional certification examinations via the CASTLE network. The Testing Office provides for the following standardized examinations:

  • American College Testing (ACT - Institutional)
  • CLA (Collegiate Learning Assessment)
  • English Placement Test (EPT)
  • Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)
  • iSkills (ICT Literacy Test)
  • LSAT (Law School Admissions Test)
  • MPRE (Multi-State Profession Responsibility Exam)
  • TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) for CSU nursing school applicants
  • U.S. Constitution, U.S. History and California State and Local Government Exams
  • (WREE) Writing Requirement Exemption Exam 

SAIL Program

University Hall, Room 386
(909) 537-5921  SAIL Program website

The Student Assistance in Learning (SAIL) program is the university's TRIO Student Support Services project, which is 100% funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The goal of SAIL is to increase the retention and graduation rates of undergraduate students who are low-income, first- generation (parents have not earned a bachelor's degree) or who have a disability. Priority is granted to eligible students who have a demonstrated academic need. (Please contact the SAIL office for more information about eligibility.)

SAIL offers a variety supportive services to ensure students’ academic and personal success at CSUSB and their persistence towards graduation. These include:

  • Educational planning
  • Financial aid counseling
  • Personal finance education and planning support
  • Career counseling
  • Personal counseling
  • Assistance with graduate school planning and preparation
  • Academic coaching
  • 2-unit adjunct support classes to enhance success in selected high-risk general education and major courses
  • 2-unit Advanced Notetaking and Organization courses with specific subject area emphases (expository writing, history, mathematics, science, statistics and general study skills)
  • 2-unit College Reading and graduate school planning courses
  • Workshops addressing student success strategies, student resources and personal growth
  • Study Marathons to help students prepare for final exams
  • Community service and leadership development opportunities
  • SAIL's First-Gen Community

The enrollment period for the SAIL program is July 1st through September 30th. After that time period, students are admitted on a space-available basis or through a letter of referral from a campus staff or faculty member, or administrator.

Writing Center

College of Education, Room 311
(909) 537-5232 Writing Center website

Writing consultants work with students who are composing specific writing projects as well as with faculty members who are incorporating writing as a mode of learning in their courses. Consultants offer individual conferences to students in all disciplines at all stages of their composing processes; conferences focus on interpreting assignments, discovering topics, expanding ideas, clarifying organizational strategies, incorporating counter-arguments, and citing references, as well as on editing and proofreading. Consultants also facilitate English conversation groups for multilingual and ESL students, helping them to negotiate the linguistic and cultural differences in oral and written composition.

The Writing Center Director and staff members are always available to consult with faculty members who are designing writing components for their courses, conduct in-class writing workshops in courses in all disciplines, and read and respond to manuscripts in preparation.