Bachelor of Arts in Child Development

As prerequisites for acceptance into the B.A. in Child Development, students must complete the following as a "Pre-child development major." Upon completion of the requirements, the student's major will be changed automatically from "Pre-child development" to "Child development" status.

There are two concentrations within the Child Development B.A. These are Early Childhood Education and Child and Adolescent Development. Students must select one of the concentrations when they declare Child Development as their major. These concentrations conform to the Transfer Model for early childhood education and child development degrees.

Requirements to enter the B.A. in Child Development

General Education Basic Skills in English (A1)3
General Education Basic Skills in Mathematics (A3)3
Additional Requirements
CD 2240Introduction to Child Development3
PSYC 2210Psychological Statistics4
Total Units13

Students may earn no grade lower than a “C” (2.0) in each of these courses.  In addition, students must have a GPA of 2.5 in the Pre-child development major and an overall University GPA of 2.25.

The Office of the Registrar will change the student's status once the above requirements have been met.

Requirements (57-59 units)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Child Development

PSYC 2210Psychological Statistics4
CD 2240Introduction to Child Development3
CD 2205Diversity in Child Development3
Two units chosen from:2
Observations and Methods: Infant and Toddler Development
Observation and Methods: Preschool and Early School Age Development
Observation and Methods: School Age Development
Observation and Methods: Adolescent Development
CD 3310Applied Research Methods3
Students may take PSYC 3310 as an alternative to CD 3310
CD 3324Developmental Psychobiology3
CD 4400Child Assessment4
CD 3398Advanced Child and Family Development3
Six units chosen from: 6
Language Development
Cognitive Development
Social and Emotional Development
CD 5755Internship3
Concentration (23-25)
Students must complete the requirements of one of the concentrations listed below.23-25
Total Units57-59

Students enrolling in the Child Development Honors Program during their senior year will take CD 5597 and CD 5598  in addition to the above requirements.

Concentrations (23-25 units)

Early Childhood Development Concentration (25 units)

(Program Code: CDEC)

CD 2250Infant and Toddler Development3
CD 2260Early Childhood Development3
CD 2251Effective Interactions with Infants and Toddlers3
or CD 2261 Effective Interactions with Preschoolers and Early School Agers
CD 2252Infant and Toddler Activities and Programs3
or CD 2262 Preschool and Early School Age Activities and Programs
CD 2291Effective Interactions: Laboratory2
CD 2292Activities and Programs: Laboratory2
Three units chosen from:3
Health, Safety, and Nutrition
History of Childhood
Play and Best Practice with Children
CD 2215Child, Family, and Community3
or PSYC 3303 Parenting and Family Relations
CD 3306Early Childhood Special Education3
Total Units25

Child and Adolescent Development Concentration (23 units)

(Program Code: CDCA)

Three units chosen from:3
Anthropology of Childhood
Child, Family, and Community
History of Childhood
Play and Best Practice with Children
Development of Intimate Relationships
CD 4405Effective Interactions, Activities, and Programs with School Age and Adolescent Children3
CD 4406Interactions and Activities Lab: School Age and Adolescence2
PSYC 1100Introduction to Psychology3
PSYC 3303Parenting and Family Relations3
PSYC 3320Psychology of Middle Childhood3
PSYC 3328Psychology of Adolescent Development3
PSYC 3350Development of Exceptional Children3
or PSYC 3391 Psychopathology of Childhood
Total Units23