Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art Studies

This program is designed for students with a general interest in the studio arts, who may want to also pursue coursework in other areas.

Requirements (36)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Studio Art Studies

(Program Code: STAS)

Lower Division Studio Requirements (21)
Choose three foundation courses from the following list:9
2D Foundation: Line, Color and Composition
3D Foundation: Form, Space & Time
Creative Technology for Artists
Language of Art
Introduction to Drawing and Life Drawing
Choose 2 beginning courses for a total of 6 units:6
Beginning Imaging and Illustration
Beginning Photography
Beginning Painting
Beginning Ceramics
Beginning Glass
Beginning Sculpture
Art History. Choose one lower-division Art History course from:3
Art History Methodologies 1
Art History Methodologies 2
Art History Foundations 1
Art History Foundations 2
Visual Studies. One lower division Visual Studies course.3
Upper Division Studio Requirements: (12)
Choose 2 core intermediate level courses.6
Intermediate Drawing and Life Drawing
Intermediate Imaging and Illustration
Intermediate Photography
Intermediate Painting
Intermediate Ceramics
Intermediate Glass
Intermediate Sculpture
Choose 2 advanced level courses, one must be 4000 level.6
Special Topics in Art
Advanced Drawing and Life Drawing
Advanced Imaging and Illustration
Advanced Photography
Advanced Painting
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Glass
Advanced Sculpture
Senior Capstone (3)
ART 5500Undergraduate Professional Practices3
Total Units36