GE Minor: Diversity and Social Justice Minor

The social justice minor offers students opportunities to examine issues and theories related to identity, diversity, and equity.  Through interdisciplinary coursework and projects, students will deepen their understandings of the disparate ways that people access civil, political, economic, social, cultural, and environmental rights and opportunities and the ways that social structures impact equitable distribution.

Requirements for a GE Minor in Diversity and Social Justice (18 units)

To complete this GE Minor, students must complete six courses (18 units), from the list of choices below:

  • At least two courses must be upper division courses (3000 or higher)
  • At least one must be a Writing Intensive (WI) course
GE Category A3 -- Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking about Social Issues
GE Category B2 -- Life Science
Genetics and Society
Sustainable Agriculture
GE Category B4 -- Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
Mathematics and Society
GE Category B5 -- Upper Division Scientific Inquiry
Human Ecology
Introduction to Systems Modeling
GE Category C1 -- Arts
Rock and Roll: Justice and Society (DI)
Looking at Movies (DI)
Diversity Literature and Social Justice (DI, WI)
GE Category C2 -- Humanities
Introduction to Philosophical Problems (G, WI)
GE Category C4 -- Upper Division Arts or Humanities
Female Voices in Arab American Literature (DI, G, WI)
Art and Activism (DI)
Visualizing Gender, Performing Identity (DI, G, WI)
Images of Africa (DI, G)
Philosophy in the World (DI, G, WI)
GE Category D3 -- Social Sciences Perspective
The Economy: Problems and Perspectives (G)
Introduction to Women's Studies (DI, G)
Introduction to Masculinity Studies (DI, G)
Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies (DI, G)
GE Category D4 -- Upper Division Social Science
Gendered Worlds: Power, Difference, and & In/equality (DI, G)
Digital Media and Society
Feminist Theory (DI, G)
Queer Theory (DI, G)
Society, Business, & Global Governance (G)
Revolutions and Revolutionary Ideas (DI, G)
Revolutions and Revolutionary Ideas (DI, G, WI)
Race and Racism (DI, G)
Perspectives on Gender (DI)