GE Pathway: World Cultures and Diversity

This pathway introduces students to the construction of cultural similarities and differences among peoples and diverse identities across the world, including ethnic, sexual, economic, religious, and national identities. It fosters an understanding, appreciation, and respect for cultural differences by examining the production of art, literature, folklore, dance, music, and language, and the development of gender identities, belief systems and worldview, among other expressions, as well as their relationship to broader historical, economic, and political processes.  Students will acquire cultural competency, cultivate sensitivity, and ethical responsibility, while also gaining a perspective on themselves and their local community.

Essential Questions include: 1. How are cultures and diversity created, maintained, expressed, and changed?; 2. How are diverse identities constructed in relation to historical, political, and economic processes on local and global scales?; 3. What are the causes and consequences of cross cultural interactions, and how are they interpreted?; 4.How is world diversity manifested through art, literature, folklore, language, religion, worldview, gender identities, as well as material and non-material culture?

Students interested in this pathway, have the option of completing a GE minor. See information on GE Minor: World Cultures and Diversity.

Pathway Requirements (15 units)

To complete this pathway, students are advised to complete five courses (15 units), one course from each of the following categories; Students are advised to take one course from World Languages and Literature and one course from Anthropology.

GE Category C1 -- Arts3
Looking at Movies (DI)
GE Category C2 -- Humanities
Choose one of the following:3
Beginning Arabic 2 (DI, G)
Arabic Literature in Translation (DI, G)
College Chinese II (DI, G)
Chinese Literature in Translation (DI, G)
Multi-Ethnic American Literature (DI)
Diversity Literature and Social Justice (DI, WI)
Beginning French 2 (DI, G)
French Literature in English (DI, G)
Beginning Japanese II (DI, G)
Japanese Literature in English (DI, G)
Beginning Korean 2 (DI, G)
Korean Literature in English (DI, G)
Introduction to Philosophical Problems (G, WI)
College Spanish 2 (DI, G)
Spanish Literature and Film in English (DI, G)
GE Category C4 -- Upper Division Arts & Humanities
Choose one of the following:3
Female Voices in Arab American Literature (DI, G, WI)
African Arts Heritage (DI, G)
Exploring the World of Islam through Literature (DI, G)
Global Cinema (DI, G)
Studies in Global Literatures (DI, G, WI)
Native American and Indigenous Literatures (DI, G)
Voices & Visions from the Francophone World (DI, G, WI)
Ancient Egyptian Art (DI, G)
Images of Africa (DI, G)
Voices & Visions from the World of Japanese Anime and Manga (DI, G, WI)
Global Music (G)
Voices & Visions from the Hispanic World (DI, G, WI)
Mediterranean Languages and Identities (DI, G)
Languages & Cultures (DI, G)
GE Category D3 -- Social Science Disciplinary Perspectives
Choose one of the following:3
Understanding Cultural Diversity (DI, G)
World History to c. 1500 (DI, G)
World History to c. 1500
Introduction to Human Geography (G)
World Regions and Peoples (DI, G)
World History from c. 1500 (DI, G)
GE Category D4 -- Upper Division Social Science
Choose one of the following:3
Gendered Worlds: Power, Difference, and & In/equality (DI, G)
Global Issues and Perspectives (DI, G)
Global Issues and Perspectives (DI, G, WI)
Revolutions and Revolutionary Ideas (DI, G)
Revolutions and Revolutionary Ideas (DI, G, WI)
Total Units15