Bachelor of Arts in Geography

Requirements (40 units)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Geography

(Program Code: GEOG)

Lower-division requirements (11)
GEOG 1010Introduction to Human Geography3
or GEOG 1650 World Regions and Peoples
GEOG 1030Physical Geography3
GEOG 1030LPhysical Geography Laboratory1
GEOG 2250Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Cartography4
Upper-division requirements (29)
GEOG 3020Social Geography3
GEOG 3040Urban Geography3
GEOG 3050Economic Geography3
GEOG 5000Senior Seminar2
Global and Regional Geography (Minimum of 9 units required)9
Global Issues and Perspectives
Global Issues and Perspectives
Cultural Geography
Global Cities and Urban Environment
Political Geography
Migration and Borderlands
Geography of California
US-Mexico Border Region
Emerging World Regions
Advanced World Regions
Globalization and Identity
Environmental Geography (Minimum of 6 units required)6
Weather and Climate
Conservation and Natural Resources
Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Inquiry and Education
Environmental Policy and Impact Assessment
Watershed Hydrology and Management
Climate Change
Coastal Resources Management
Water Wars
Ecosystem Assessment
Spatial Techniques (Minimum of 3 units required)3
Geographic Statistics and Research Methods
Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Geo-Spatial Analysis
GIS and Socio-Economic Applications
Environmental GIS
Remote Sensing of the Environment
Total Units40