Minor in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Requirements for a minor in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (24 units)

Core Courses (12)
Twelve units chosen from:12
Anthropology of the Middle East
Exploring the World of Islam through Literature
Emerging Topics in Human Geography
Classical Islamic Civilization
Government and Politics of the Middle East
Voices and Visions from the Arab World
Electives (12)
Twelve units chosen from:12
Prehistory of the Middle East and Europe
Arabic Literature in Translation
Arab Culture, Media and Identity
Explorations of Arabic Literary Texts
Female Voices in Arab American Literature
Studies in Literary Diversity
Muslim Women in Media and Society
Advanced Topics in Media Studies
Topics in Oral History
Modern Middle East
Mughal India and the Early Modern World
Modern India at the Crossroads of Empire
History of Christianity I
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Modern Iran
Topics in Modern Middle Eastern History
Nationalism and Conflict in the Middle East
U.S. Media and the Middle East
Iran-U.S. Relations
Politics of Oil
Seminar in Comparative Politics
An Independent Study course chosen in anthropology, English, history, humanities or political science on a Middle Eastern topic.
Total Units24