Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

Requirements (54 units)

Total units required for graduation: 120

Requirements for the B.A. in Social Sciences

Lower-division requirements (18)
ECON 2202Principles of Macroeconomics3
GEOG 1010Introduction to Human Geography3
HIST 1440World History from c.15003
HIST 2000United States History to 18773
HIST 2010United States History, 1877 to the Present3
PSCI 2030Government of the United States3
Upper-division requirements (21)
SSCI 3060Expository Writing for the Social Sciences3
SSCI 5940Senior Seminar3
HIST 3700History of California3
Three units chosen from:3
Ancient and Medieval Europe to the Renaissance
European History from the Renaissance to the Present
History of Ancient Greece
History of Rome
Early Medieval Europe
High Medieval Europe
Renaissance and Reformation
The Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment
Classical Islamic Civilization
Modern Middle East
Africa to 1870
Africa 1870 to Present
Three units chosen from:3
The American Colonies, 1607-1783
The Evolution of American Democracy, 1783-1840
Civil War and Reconstruction
The United States, 1877-1917
The United States, 1917-1945
United States in World War II
United States History, Cold War Era
American History Through Film
The United States, 1960s
Historical Documentaries
African-American History, 1620-1865
African-American History, 1865-Present
American Indian History
Women in the Black Freedom Movement
Chicana/o History Through Film
LGBT History
Chicana/Mexicana Feminisms
World War II in the Pacific
20th Century Americans
California Indian History
Immigration and Ethnic American History
Gender, Sex, and Conquest in the American West
History of the American West
Foreign Relations of the United States
U.S. Citizenship and the Law
History of the U.S. - Mexico Borderlands
Three units chosen from:3
State and Local Politics
California Government
Three units chosen from:3
The Legislative Process
Political Parties and Interest Groups
The American Presidency
Formulation of Public Policy
Records Management, Data Collection and Analysis (3)
Three units chosen from: 3
Psychological Statistics
Archival Practices
Geographic Statistics and Research Methods
Social Science Internship
Social Science Independent Study
Concentrations (12)
Students must satisfy the requirements of one of the concentrations listed below:12
Total Units54

Concentrations (12 units)

Economics Concentration (12 units)

Twelve units from the following Economics courses:12
Political Economy of Southern California
Environmental Economics
Political Economy
Political Economy of Women
Economic History of the United States
Economics in the Elementary and Middle School
Firms and Markets
Public Economics
Labor Economics
International Economics
Money, Banking, and Financial Markets
Tools of Economic Analysis
Behavioral Economics
Economic Development
Economics of Climate Change
Origins of Political Economy
Post-Keynesian Economics
Economics in the Classroom
Total Units12

 Geography Concentration (12 units)

Twelve units from:12
Geographic Statistics and Research Methods
Social Geography
Cultural Geography
Urban Geography
Global Cities and Urban Environment
Economic Geography
Political Geography
Migration and Borderlands
Weather and Climate
Conservation and Natural Resources
Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Inquiry and Education
Geography in the Elementary and Middle School Classroom
Geography of California
US-Mexico Border Region
Advanced World Regions
Globalization and Identity
Emerging World Regions
Water Wars
Climate Change
Total Units12

Political Science Concentration (12 units) 

Three units chosen from:3
The Politics of Environment
Minority Politics: Ethnic Politics
Minority Politics: African American Politics
Minority Politics: Latino Politics
Minority Politics: Asian American Politics
Minority Politics: Native American Politics
Introduction to Public Administration
International Politics
The American Presidency
National Security Policy
War and Politics
Constitutional Interpretation
Three units chosen from:3
African Politics
Western Political Systems
East European Political Systems
Latin American Politics
East Asian Politics
Government and Politics of the Middle East
Three units chosen from:3
Classical Political Thought
Foundations of Modern Political Thought
Modern Political Thought
Post Modern Political Thought
Three units chosen from:3
Judicial Process
American Constitutional Law
The Bill of Rights
Civil Rights
American Political Thought
American Foreign Policy
Total Units12