Minor in Studio Art

Requirements (43 units)

Requirements for a minor in Studio Art

Lower-division requirements (28)
ART 120Introduction to Two Dimensional Design4
ART 121Introduction to Three Dimensional Design4
ART 122Introduction to Drawing and Life Drawing4
ART 123Introduction to Art and Technology4
ART 221Art History: Prehistoric Times through the Middle Ages4
ART 222Art History: Africa, Asia, the Americas and Oceania4
ART 223Art History: Renaissance to the Present4
Studio course (5)
One lower-division course chosen from: 5
Beginning Painting
Beginning Sculpture
Beginning Ceramics
Beginning Printmaking
Beginning Woodworking and Furniture Design
Beginning Glass
Beginning Analog Photography
Beginning Digital Photography
Upper-division requirements (10)
Studio courses:
Two five-unit courses chosen from:10
Advanced Drawing and Life Drawing
Intermediate Woodworking and Furniture Design
Printing Production
Digital Image Editing
Web Design
Advanced Digital Image Editing
Interactive Multimedia Design
Intermediate Painting
Advanced Painting
Interactive and Motion-Graphic
Intermediate Sculpture
Advanced Scuplture
Intermediate Ceramics
Advanced Ceramics
Intermediate Printmaking
Advanced Printmaking
Advanced Woodworking and Design
Intermediate Glass
Computer Animation: 3D Modeling
Computer Animation: Character Modeling
Digital Motion Imaging
Sound Design for Multimedia
Video Art
Digital Lighting
Intermediate Photography
New Genres
Dynamic Web Site Design
Advanced Glass
Advanced Photography
Total Units43