Student Life

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

University Hall, Room 231
(909) 537-5185  Student Affairs website

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs provides administrative leadership within the division and the university to assist students in the attainment of their educational goals. This is accomplished through advocacy for the provision of numerous student services as well as the intentional creation of programs and environments that enhance a student's learning, leadership potential, personal responsibility, and career development. Specific policies regarding student non-academic and discrimination-related grievances, discipline, and emergency calls for students are administered by this office. A more complete statement on student privacy rights is available in the Academic Regulations and Standards section of the Bulletin of Courses.


The diverse interests and lifestyles of students are reflected in numerous activities sponsored by the university and the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI). These programs include dances, drama productions, choral concerts, quarterly festivals, musical concerts, guest lecturers, and small group socials.

The university and ASI encourage and aid the formation of organizations, which enhance the educational opportunities of students. These organizations involve students, faculty, and staff working together in professional, recreational, educational, political, service, religious, and cultural activities. University-recognized groups have full use of campus facilities in planning their programs.

Alumni Association

(909) 537-3700 Alumni Association website

All graduates of the university are eligible to join and participate in the activities of the California State University, San Bernardino Alumni Association. Also eligible are those who earn credentials through the university.

The purpose of the nonprofit association is to assist alumni in continued cultural and educational development, further the community interests of the university, establish mutually beneficial relationships between the university and its alumni, and promote the educational goals of the university. Additional information may be obtained from the Alumni Relations Office.

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)

(909) 537-5932  ASI website

ASI’s mission is “For the Students, by the Students.” We are the loud and recognized voice of the student body of CSUSB and our Palm Desert Campus, representing the interest, needs, and concerns to the campus leadership. In support of this mission, ASI advocates the growth and development of student leadership through the many committees on which we serve, the programs and services we support, and the student representation at the local, state, and federal levels. Campus-wide elections held by the students of CSUSB determine their executive leadership and the board of directors who will be responsible for setting internal policy, interacting with campus senior management, and voicing student issues and concerns to the faculty and administration.

In addition to our representation, we offer the following services:

  • Box Office
  • College Legal Clinic
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Student Research and Travel Grants
  • Club Allocation Budget
  • Scholarships to athletes, PAES, and General scholarship fund
  • Children’s Center Support


(909) 537-5011  Athletics website

CSUSB Athletics began in the fall of 1984 and sponsors 10 athletic programs. It is an National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II program with basketball and soccer for both women and men; cross country, softball, track and field, and volleyball for women; and baseball and golf for men.

The university mascot is the Coyote, and the colors are blue, black, and white.

Career Center

(909) 537-5250  Career Center website

The mission of the Career Center is to support the career readiness of all students and alumni by providing counseling, assessment, workshops, career events, employer networking opportunities, internships, and job opportunities that result in the establishment or advancement of personalized career goals.

Services include: 

  • On-Campus Recruitment: The Career Center hosts more than 300 employers every year. Visits include job fairs, networking, interviews, workshops, and informational sessions.

  • Handshake: A free online platform for CSUSB students and alumni that allows users to schedule appointments for career counseling, view and apply for jobs/internships, and view career development resources.

  • Career Counseling: Counselors are available to assist you with choosing or changing your major, clarifying career goals, finding an internship, writing a résumé or cover letter, preparing for interviews, conducting a job search, or preparing for graduate school.

  • Internships: We offer resources to find on- and off-campus internships year round.

  • Clothing Closet: The Career Center hosts a clothing closet that provides donated professional attire to students at no cost.

Children's Center

(909) 537-5928 Children's Center website

The Children's Center's mission is to enable parents of young children to attend CSUSB by providing child care in a nurturing environment which supports the developing child. Services are also available for staff, faculty and community as space permits. The Center is open during the academic year (Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., and Friday, 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.) and during Summer Session (Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., closed Fridays). Ages: 3 years (toilet trained) to 12 years. The school-age program only runs during the summer quarter. Additional information regarding fees and availability may be obtained from the Children's Center.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services

Accredited by the American Association of Ambulatory Health Care

Student Health Center Building, West Entrance

(909) 537-5040  Counseling and Psychological Services website

Support from Counseling and Psychological Services is available to currently enrolled students for assistance with personal issues that may interfere with their efforts to achieve education or life goals, including adjustment to campus life, parenting skills, addictions, relationship or life style issues, mood and anxiety disorders, or any other issue of concern. Couples may be seen as long as one member of the couple is a currently eligible student. An initial session includes assessment of presenting concerns and recommendations for further counseling at the CAPS or referral to a community resource. CAPS is staffed by Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and supervised graduate and post-graduate interns. Fees for CAPS' services are covered by the health fee paid at the time of enrollment. Although the demand for counseling services is considerable, appointments are usually made within two weeks of the student's initial contact. In case of emergency, students are seen with minimum delay and can be seen on a walk-in basis. To schedule an assessment, call (909) 537-5040. Open Monday through Friday, call for hours.

Community Engagement

  • (909) 537-7483
  • Director, Diane Podolske

Office of Community Engagement

Faculty Office Building 228, (909) 537-7483. OCE facilitates service learning, community-based research and volunteer service by engaging students, faculty and community partners in collaborative partnerships that serve the public good. We lead the university-wide culture of community engagement as a high impact practice that contributes to student success.

The DEN - Delivering Emergency Nourishment for CSUSB Students

Faculty Office Building 236, (909) 537-7387, The DEN assists currently enrolled CSUSB students who face food insecurity, including undergraduate, credential, graduate, and doctoral students.  Weekly bags of food, hygiene items and referrals to community resources are available at The DEN, and daily packs of food are available at various offices throughout the campus.  There is no need to go hungry - please contact us!

Coussoulis Arena

Special Events, CO-107
(909) 537-7360

Coussoulis Arena is one of the largest indoor facility in the Inland Empire (nearly 5,000 seats), serving Cal State, San Bernardino with quality facilities for the kinesiology classes, Coyote athletic games and practices, student recreational sports programs and university events such as commencement. Additionally, the arena has hosted several special events including:

  • Kevin Hart
  • Gabriel Iglesias
  • Sesame Street Live
  • Ja Rule
  • Sammy Hagar
  • Sugar Ray and Everlast
  • The Harlem Globetrotters
  • Howie Mandel
  • Dr. Maya Angelou
  • BB King
  • AFI

Students can gain firsthand knowledge and experience by working part-time in the Arena, learning about all aspects of events management from ticketing, marketing, house operations, sound, lighting and production for concerts.

Housing and Residential Education

(909) 537-4155 Housing and Residential Education website

Students who live on campus at CSUSB have limitless opportunities to make lifelong friends, attend amazing activities, achieve academic success, get involved with clubs and organizations, live with a diverse group of students from around the world, and be a part of the campus living experience! Referred to as the "Villages at CSUSB," around 1,500 students live on campus in Serrano Village, Arrowhead Village, and University Village. New first-year student housing is currently being planned to open in September of 2018.   

Serrano Village. Serrano Village is specifically designed for first-year students interested in living on campus as part of their overall transition to college life. Each of Serrano’s eight residence halls is composed of several suite areas with approximately 10 students in each suite who share a study room and bathroom facility. Double and super single rooms are available in which students can experience the benefits of campus community living. Each residence hall has a main lounge, common kitchen area, laundry facility, and a sun deck. Students living in Serrano Village are required to purchase a campus meal plan.

Arrowhead Village. Arrowhead Village is a living and learning environment available for upper-class students interested in experiencing a more independent style of living. Arrowhead Village features single occupancy rooms with two bathrooms and with up to four students per apartment. There are also a limited number of studio apartments. Each apartment includes a furnished living room and bedroom and is equipped with a full kitchen. Common area facilities within Arrowhead Village include study rooms and lounges. Each building has an elevator and is accessible for individuals with disabilities. Laundry facilities are available to residents in a separate facility adjacent to the apartments.

University Village. University Village is an environment for upper-class students and is considered "premier living" with private bedrooms for each resident. Most apartments are 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms or 2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom. There are also a limited number of 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom apartments. Each apartment is equipped with a furnished living room and full kitchen, which is complete with a microwave and dishwasher. Each building has an elevator and is accessible for individuals with disabilities. Laundry facilities are located on each floor.

Student Leadership. Getting involved in student leadership opportunities on campus is one of the best ways to get connected to CSUSB. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student-led organization for residential students. RHA seeks to develop leaders within the halls and help create community on campus through activities and advocating for on-campus students’ needs. RHA works with students and Village Councils to develop activities for the campus community and bring together individuals to serve as a governing body for students to help make living on campus an exciting and rewarding experience.

Housing Team. Housing and Residential Education has an engaged, diverse, and responsive team dedicated to student success. Our goals are to help our students be academically successful by providing safe, supportive living and learning environments that support students and challenge them to develop holistically. Student staff include Resident Assistants, Program Coordinators, Academic Mentors, and Hall Coordinators who live in the residence halls and apartments. These undergraduate and graduate student staff members have a wide array of training to assist students with personal, academic, and safety needs. They are an important part of the campus living environment, facilitating the community living experience, student success, and community standards. The student staff are supervised by an Area Coordinator of Residential Education (ACORE). These professional, live-on staff bring extensive skills and knowledge to CSUSB and are directly responsible for a specific Village, providing immediate support for residents living on campus. Housing and Residential Education staff are available 24 hours a day to assist students with safety, security, and other needs.

Advantages of Living on Campus. Living on campus offers many benefits to CSUSB students. Students living on campus enjoy academic success, high-speed internet and digital cable, priority registration, available parking, being near classes, the Pfau Library, the Rec. Center, and numerous campus activities. Residents of Serrano and Arrowhead Villages have access to the Village Square, which features a large-screen TV; games; and a lounge area. Outdoor recreation includes barbeque grills, patio seating, volleyball court, sun deck, and a swimming pool. Residents of University Village have access to the Community Center, which features a large screen TV, game room, fitness center, computer room, and study areas. Outdoor recreation includes barbeque grills, patio seating, sun deck, and a swimming pool for residents to relax and meet with friends.

Costs. Living in the Villages at CSUSB is very reasonably priced when compared to the costs of living off campus, which include commuting to campus, cable, internet, electricity, water, and other costs of living. The Department of Housing and Residential Education works with students and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to make convenient financial arrangements. The cost to live in Serrano Village for the 2017-18 academic year is $6,060 per person for a double room and $11,268 for a single room. These prices include a campus meal plan. Arrowhead Village rates for 2017-18 are $8,514 for a private, single occupancy 4-bedroom and 2-bathroom apartment; $10,266 for a private studio; and $10,464 per person for a private, single occupancy 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom apartment. University Village rates for the 2017-18 academic year are $9,030 per person for a private single occupancy 4-bedroom and 2-bathroom apartment; $10,146 per person for a private single occupancy 2-bedroom and 1-bathroom apartment; $10,320 per person for a private single occupancy 4-bedroom and 4-bathroom apartment. All rates are based on the academic year, September through June.

Spaces are rented on a per-bed basis rather than per apartment, which allows students to be responsible for just their bed space and not for additional rent should one or more roommates move out before the end of the Housing Contract. Campus housing in Serrano Village is guaranteed for first-year students who submit a completed application packet by the priority deadline of May 31 for the next academic year. Students are encouraged to apply for housing as early as possible to ensure priority in the room selection process.

Please contact us at (909) 537-4155 and we will be happy to assist you. 

Office of Ombuds Services


(909) 537-5635 Ombuds website

The term “Ombuds” is a Swedish word which refers to the people’s representative.  The office of Ombuds Services is a confidential, independent, impartial, and informal resource for students, faculty, and staff.  Services include assisting with conflict resolution, disputes, and complaints, exploring options, facilitating communication between parties in various ways, providing information on policies or procedures and making referrals to other resources which may be helpful.  The Ombuds Officer’s goal is to seek constructive and equitable outcomes for any university related concern.  The service is provided free of charge and works in cooperation with campus constituencies to help resolve issues.

Orientation and First Year Experience (OFYE)

(909) 537-5233  SOAR website

The Orientation and First Year Experience (OFYE) Office is responsible for developing and implementing welcome and transition programming for newly admitted freshmen and transfer students and their family members. The Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) program is coordinated through the OFYE Office. SOAR offers dynamic programming for freshmen and transfer students in order to equip them with the information needed to better manage their transitions to the university and help set them up for student success here at CSUSB. These transition programs prepare students for academic success, provide knowledge of university resources, encourage involvement in student activities, and help build meaningful relationships. Each SOAR program is designed to minimize anxiety and to promote positive attitudes about student success at the university. In addition, the OFYE Office coordinates the Ask Me Campaign, New Student Convocation, and the Re-Connect program.

There are also great leadership opportunities for students available with OFYE to serve as student Orientation Leaders and help with a new student’s transition into the Coyote family. OFYE recruits and trains about 50 students to be Orientation Leaders.  Applications are available in fall quarter and training is in spring quarter with the majority of work happening during the summer. Once classes begin, the programming doesn't stop. There are a number of first-year experience programs students can partake in to enhance their university experience.

Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU)

(909) 537-5940  SMSU website

The Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU), through its programs and facilities, is a focal point of the campus, where students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and guests develop an enduring connection to the university. As a campus social hub, the SMSU assists in the retention and development of students, while encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural pluralism, gender equity, and ethnic diversity. We accomplished this by providing a variety of cultural, social, educational, and recreational activities, which create an environment conducive to personal growth and development. Planned activities also provide students with leadership opportunities and employment, which promotes an active learning experience as well as relaxation, entertainment, and social interaction. As the meeting place on campus for students and organizations, the facilities provide a comfortable and relaxing environment that embodies the delivery of services important to the university community. As a bridge between formal learning and life experience, co-curricular activities coordinated by the SMSU serve as a training ground for development of student leaders.

The SMSU facilities include a spacious lobby, relaxation and study lounge areas, meeting rooms, a state-of-the-art theater, multi-purpose Events Center used for major events, an automatic teller machine, graphics services, and Student Union scheduling. Our newest addition to assist our students academically is the laptop checkout program. Other services and departments located within the SMSU are the Coyote Cafe, the Blue Coyote Pub, Starbucks, Coyote Express convenience store, the Associated Stu­dents, Inc., DREAMers Resource and Success Center, Title IX & Gender Equity, Orientation and First Year Experience, and the Office of Student Engagement.

The Cross Cultural Center (CCC) focuses on issues of race and ethnicity in its mission to provide a space for all CSUSB students aside from cultural differences. The CCC provides programs and services to aid in students' personal, educational, cultural, social, political, and professional growth and to foster a sense of community. Its programs and services combine to create a place for students to explore issues of identity, ethnic and cultural diversity, and work toward ending intolerance by the development of understanding. 

The CCC has three integrated identity centers on campus, a result of student-led initiatives. The process encompassed many hours of research, meetings, forums, and round tables to discuss how these centers would promote retention and graduation rates for the underrepresented minorities (URMs). The administration and staff welcomed the invitation to be a part of this process and work with a dynamic group of students. These efforts highlight CSUSB’s first strategic goal: Student Success. The identity centers promote and celebrate all cultures with respect and integrity:

  • The Pan-African Center (PAC) promotes and supports a sense of self-worth by focusing on developing the following six areas: Academic Excellence, Cultural Awareness, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Proactive Civic and Community Engagement, and Civic Engagement for people of the African Diaspora.
  • The First Peoples’ Center is a welcoming, diverse, and cultural sensitive environment to all the student population. This center is dedicated to supporting the academic achievement and personal success of First People students while promoting and celebrating traditional heritage at CSUSB. (Opening February 2017)
  • The LatinX Center provides a welcoming and dynamic environment that is supportive and inclusive for Latinos/as/x and allies. It strives to provide leadership and build community through programs that enhance culture, advocacy, and customs that will lead to the continued recruitment, retention, and graduation of Latino/a/x students at CSUSB. (Opening February 2017)

The Gamers Lounge is a great place to hang out with your friends and relieve a little stress through some friendly competition. Its proximity to the Food Court makes it an ideal place to have lunch while playing board games, billiards or video games. Throughout the quarter, they offer a wide variety of competitions and events, some for prizes and others for bragging rights. So bring your “A-Game” if you intend on relaxing in the lounge.

The Interfaith Center is a welcoming space for students of all faiths. This Center provides space for students to study, host meetings, and relax between classes. The center is equipped with a television, refrigerator, and microwave. 

The Marketing Department provides multi-channel marketing services to the SMSU affinity centers as well as to on-campus departments. Our services include, but are not limited to, graphic design, photography, and communication/social media strategies. Additionally, our department develops and implements marketing campaign efforts to increase brand awareness of the student union and its services as a whole.

The Osher Adult Re-Entry Student Success Center (OARSSC) offers support for non-traditional students by providing programming that addresses both the academic and social needs of mature students. The OARSSC provides resources and referrals for services both on campus and in the community. The OARSSC is a place where students who have returned to school after a prolonged absence can gather for support, share interests and experiences, and participate in campus life. In addition, the OARSSC is pleased to offer the Osher Foundation and Crankstart Foundation Scholarships each year to qualifying students.

The Pride Center provides a safe, friendly environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, and Allied students, faculty, and staff. The Pride Center provides programs and services to aid in students’ personal, educational, cultural, social, political, and professional growth and to foster a sense of community. The Pride Center is committed to providing services to LGBTIQQ students of all cultures, backgrounds, religions, classes, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. 

The Student Union Program Board promotes a sense of community at CSUSB through exciting, entertainment-oriented events, such as movie showings, bands, dances, and contests held in the SMSU. Program Board creates learning experiences for its members, which benefit the students of CSUSB as well as foster the personal and professional growth of the students. Members of Program Board develop their overall understanding of event management as it relates to budgets, marketing, negotiating, creativity, statistical reports, and research.

The Women's Resource Center (WRC) provides support for students by offering a variety of programming, which focuses on issues which affect the lives of women. The WRC is committed to addressing sexism and discrimination in all its forms in order to create a more just environment for all. WRC is a place for students to gather, to gain support, and learn tools for social change.

Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD)

University Hall, Room 183
(909) 537-5238, TTY (909) 537-7230

Fax: (909) 537-7090, Email: 
Services to Students with Disabilities website

The Office of Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) strives to empower students with disabilities by fostering skills, such as self-advocacy, resourcefulness, and independence. The SSD office works collaboratively with the campus community to remove barriers, promoting an enriched learning environment where students with disabilities can utilize their skills and pursue their academic and personal development goals.

SSD provides academic accommodations to students who have a documented permanent or temporary disability. All students who are registered with the office are provided with an equal opportunity to participate in programs, services, and activities.

Some of the support services available include but not limited to alternate media, notetaking, smartpens, sign language interpreting and real-time captioning services for the hearing impaired, test-taking accommodations, priority registration, mobility assistance, and temporary medical parking permits. The SSD office is also a resource to faculty and staff members who help students with disabilities meet their educational objectives.

The SSD Office, in collaboration with the California State Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), provides the WorkAbility IV program. WorkAbility IV is designed to create career opportunities for CSUSB students with disabilities that are consumers of DOR. Knowledgeable staff assists registered students with résumé writing and cover letter development; job search skills, strategies, and resources; preparation for job fairs and interviews; networking and personal brand development; internships; job leads and placements; and Federal employment advising (Schedule A and Workforce Recruitment Program).

Both prospective and new students to the university are encouraged to contact SSD early in their CSUSB academic program.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Office of Student Engagement
(909) 537-5234  Office of Student Engagement website

CSUSB is home to more than 150 student clubs and organizations and offers a wide range of roles and responsibilities.  Clubs and organizations provide ready-made laboratories for students to strengthen their leadership skills and opportunities to test classroom learning in a real-world setting.  They create their very own experiment with different roles, which help identify strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. Academic, cultural, religious, service, and special interest organizations are just a few examples of the types of clubs open to students. Membership in any student club or organization is an excellent way to enjoy all the benefits that college life has to offer, and it is one way to make the campus seem more like home. Students learn how to lead an organization, conduct effective meetings and elections, as well as develop communication, mediation skills, and public-speaking skills.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Greek Life is a great way to get involved on campus, and CSUSB is home to 21 national fraternities and sororities. Each fraternity and sorority contributes to campus life, supports the surrounding community, and assists in the development of leadership skills for each of its members. Joining a fraternity or sorority is a lifelong commitment. It is a commitment to sisterhood or brotherhood, to high standards of scholarship and moral conduct, and it is a commitment to yourself to strive for ideals created by the founders of each organization, most of which were created over 100 years ago. Greek organizations are rich with tradition, and members are often known for their involvement in philanthropic endeavors (also known as community service). In addition to the fraternities and sororities on campus, governing councils and Greek Honor Societies exist to foster relationships between the organizations and set high scholarship standards.

Leadership Education

The National Society of Leadership & Success is a comprehensive program that offers skill-building workshops focused on Individual Development, Organizations and Community, and Diversity Awareness. The NSLS includes a personal assessment of the students' leadership potential and a strong focus on personal reflection as a tool for growth and development. With over 400 chapters nationwide and over 300,000 members, participation in this organization leads to strong networking skills. Members work closely with high-caliber advisors and national leaders to become inducted. Inductees are recognized at a special ceremony twice per year. NSLS members often describe their experience as life changing by increasing their self-esteem and personal effectiveness. Many students successfully land jobs after graduation and credit the National Society of Leadership &Success with their accomplishments.

Student Conduct and Ethical Development (SCED)

University Hall, Room 346
(909) 537-7172, Email:
Student Conduct and Ethical Development website

The Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development is responsible for upholding the Standards for Student Conduct and educating students on their social and ethical responsibilities as members of our University community. Student Conduct Administrators facilitate educational conversations, experiences, and programs that promote student success, enhance learning experiences, and seek to engage students in intentional ways with their communities. The staff comprising the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development are committed to ensuring students have safe and healthy living and learning environments in which they are able to engage in campus life, interact with people who have a variety of beliefs and lived experiences, and participate in activities that encourage growth and curiosity, as well as scholarly and creative activity. Being a part of the Coyote community includes responsibilities for students to safeguard the academic mission of the institution; abide by federal, state, and local laws; and uphold the Standards for Student Conduct, University policies, and regulations to maintain a culture of integrity both in and out of the classroom.

The Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development responds to a variety of behavioral concerns, including academic dishonesty and behavioral complaints. Program staff are also available as a resource for consultation and to provide educational workshops or presentations upon request. 

Copies of the Standards for Student Conduct and Student Conduct Procedures are available online ( or via the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development, University Hall, Room 346.

Student Health Center (SHC)

Accredited by the American Association of Ambulatory Health Care
(909) 537-5241 Student Health Center website

The mission of the Student Health Center is to provide compassionate, accessible and cost effective clinical and preventative health services for the student community to assist students with their academic and professional success. We are staffed with Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and Medical Assistants.  Our medical services include:  primary care, immunizations, and health education.  The SHC is also conveniently equipped with a pharmacy and laboratory. For major illnesses, injuries requiring a specialist or hospitalization, or services that are considered beyond the scope of the Student Health Center, students are referred to a local community health facility. It will be the student's responsibility to pay the costs associated with the referral to the outside provider.  Though not a condition of enrollment, it is important to carry health insurance.

All regularly enrolled students are eligible for services. Students in the Extended Learning program and those on staff fee waiver are not eligible. 

Office hours are: 

Monday and Thursday:  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  ·  Tuesday and Wednesday:  8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Friday:  9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Student Health Center is closed on official university holidays.  Summer hours may vary.

In case of an on-campus emergency, contact the department of Public Safety by dialing 911.

Immunization Requirements:  In accordance with the policy of the California State University, all new students and students applying for re-admission born on or after January 1, 1957 must present proof of measles and rubella immunizations.  Hepatitis B vaccine series is also required of first-time enrollees under the age of 19.  However, students may be exempt if they graduated from a California Public School during or after 2005.  Meningitis vaccine is highly recommended for students living in housing.

Immunization requirements must be fulfilled in advance of or during the first quarter of attendance at CSUSB.  Students may fulfill these requirements by bringing, faxing (909) 537-7027, or mailing documentation to the Student Health Center. The Student ID number and date of birth must be on all documents. For those students unable to obtain acceptable proof of immunizations, the Student Health Center will provide the immunizations to all currently enrolled students for a fee. For specific information about required immunizations, visit at Student Health Center website, or call the Student Health Center at (909) 537-5241.

Student Health Advisory Committee:  Students can offer important feedback about services and participate in campus-wide health initiatives through membership on the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC). SHAC members work with clinic staff on a variety of critical issues, health education projects, and also act as a liaison between the CSUSB student body and the Student Health Center.

Student Recreation and Wellness Center

(909) 537-BFIT  Student Recreation and Wellness Center website

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers an exciting array of programs in the areas of fitness, group exercise, wellness, intramural and club sports, aquatics, leadership and communication, outdoor adventure, and informal recreation. This 38,000-square-foot complex, located at the south end of campus, houses a 34' climbing wall, 8,800-square-foot fitness room, multi-purpose athletic court, locker rooms, and two group activity rooms for aerobics, dance, and martial arts classes. The Recreation and Wellness department is dedicated to providing a variety of safe and enjoyable programs and facilities to meet the diverse needs of the CSUSB community by creating a healthy social environment, enriching the quality of life and enhancing the educational experience. All enrolled CSUSB students, staff, faculty, and Alumni Association members regardless of age, gender, experience, and ability are welcomed.

Fitness/Wellness/Group Exercise

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers one-on-one training, buddy training, personal training development courses, and fitness assessments as a complement to our state-of-the-art fitness room. The Group Exercise program offers over 40 classes per week. All programs are designed to enhance the participant's experience and facilitate healthy living habits. Equipment and services include:

•  Treadmills
•  Elliptical Trainers
•  Recumbent/Upright Bike
•  Steppers
•  Weight Trainers
•  Functional Training Equipment
•  Free Weights
•  Plate Loaded Equipment
•  Heavy/Speed Bags
•  Fitness Assessments
•  Cardio Classes
•  Cycling Classes
•  Dance Classes
•  Instructional Classes
•  Mind/Body Classes
•  Sculpt Classes

Informal Recreation

The hours of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center are designed to meet the demands of the busy lives of our participants with several opportunities from the early opening hours until the late evening. When there is not organized play in the gymnasium or group exercise rooms, drop-in use is allowed. Members can meet up with friends to shoot hoops or practice their hip-hop or martial arts skills. Informal recreation hours will be posted outside of each of the three available rooms.

Climbing Wall

As the centerpiece of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, a 34' climbing wall offers opportunities for beginner and intermediate classes, open climbing, and social events. All equipment is provided, and a safety orientation and skills test are offered to participants.

Outdoor Trips

The unique location of the campus within close proximity to the Pacific coastline, the wilderness of Baja, the peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the High Desert allows for a wide range of activities. Participants on outings will learn how to safely explore the great outdoors, develop an appreciation and understanding of their natural surroundings, experience personal growth, leadership development, learn teamwork and healthy communication skills, and, of course, have fun.

Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports program offers a variety of sport leagues and tournaments for all skill levels and interests. Opportunities are available for participants who just want to learn a new sport or for the very competitive players who want to own on-campus bragging rights. Intramural sports leagues are designed for players to enjoy themselves in a safe environment. Sports include:

•  Basketball
•  Flag Football
•  Soccer
•  Dodgeball
•  Softball
•  Volleyball
•  Indoor Soccer 

Sport Clubs

The Sport Club program promotes student participation in a wide range of competitive and recreational sports. Each sport club is managed and run by student leaders. Sport Club participants not only enjoy the rewards of competition, but also gain skills in collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, and financial management. Current clubs include:

•  Mixed Martial Arts
•  Coyote Running
•  Women's Soccer
•  Table Tennis
•  Men's Soccer
•  Women’s Volleyball
•  Men’s Volleyball
•  Water Polo 
•  Pack Tennis Club
•  Badminton Club
•  Paintball Club
•  Archery Club


The swimming pool is located behind the Physical Education building. Hours vary and can be found on the Recreational and Wellness webpage. Services include:

•  Lap Swimming
•  Certification and Training
•  Learn To Swim Instructional Classes
•  Aerobics

Leadership Challenge Center

The state-of-the-art Leadership Challenge Center provides unique team-building and leadership development programs for CSUSB students, departments, clubs, and teams. The course also serves the surrounding community for groups such as school districts, military, and corporations alike.

Our programs are designed to help teach people how to appropriately build trust in others, increase individual interpersonal skills, social skills, and physical abilities. The Leadership Challenge Center consists of the 50-foot-high structure, as well as low challenge elements built lower to the ground. The team elements section allows teams of two to eight people to work together and support each other in problem solving, as well as an individual/partner portion that emphasizes support and goal setting. The center's programs provide a safe environment that allows participants to step outside their comfort zone, take a risk, learn, and grow.

University Police

911 for emergencies
(909) 537-5165 or (909) 537-7777 for police business

The University Police Department is a duly authorized law enforcement agency. The mission of the department is to protect the life and property of the campus community. The department provides professional service to the University community through proactive patrol, diligent crime prevention, and disaster preparedness. We provide these services utilizing our core values of safety and service, integrity, and using a community CPOP (Campus Problem Oriented Policing) approach. The Department's mission of campus safety through service is reflected in our motto "Campus Safety Through Service."

All university police officers are fully trained California state peace officers with law enforcement authority throughout the State of California. The officers provide a full range of service, including law enforcement, crime reporting and investigation, crime prevention training, motorist assistance, traffic enforcement, accident investigation, lost and found property, disaster preparedness, escorts, and medical and fire emergency response and coordination. The University Police Department operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and can be reached by dialing 911 for emergencies and (909) 537-5165 or (909) 537-7777 for all other requests.

A complete "Campus Safety Report" is available through the home university web page CSUSB website, in a pamphlet from University Police, or from Human Resources. Additional information is available on the university web page under the University Police tab.

Veterans Success Center

(909) 537-5195  Veterans Success Center website

Since opening in May 2012, CSUSB's Veterans Success Center (VSC) has built a strong reputation throughout the Inland Empire for offering innovative leadership opportunities and education programs. The center is ranked a top 20 school in the nation by Military Times and as a top military school in the state of California by two top national college guides for veterans. On Nov. 10, 2014, the VSC opened its second location at the CSUSB-Palm Desert Campus to better serve Coachella Valley veterans and dependents. The center's mission is to provide support services focused on the special needs and requirements of today's military veterans, service members, and dependents to assist them in transitioning to the university environment and achieving their academic and personal development goals.  The VSC is a 1,200-square-foot facility, which houses a computer lab, where student veterans, military members, ROTC cadets, and dependents can work on assignments; a group room for students to congregate between classes and hold study groups; and a lending library, where students can checkout textbooks free of charge. The center offers dynamic programs that are comprehensive in scope and sensitive to the unique needs of service members. Services include new student veterans' orientation, a monthly seminar series, a weekly support group, STEM tutoring, advocacy and referral services, a military veterans writers group, and arts and crafts.