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Office of the Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Studies

University Hall, Room 352
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The Office of the Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Studies has oversight in several broad areas including high school preparation, testing, developmental programs in mathematics and English, the General Education program, the University Honors program, academic advising, and research and policy analysis. The purpose of Undergraduate Studies is to assist students in making their academic careers productive and enjoyable. Contact the office with any questions, comments, or concerns about the University's undergraduate academic programs.

The university offers a full range of academic support programs. These programs are a vital part of the extended education the university offers. Advising and Academic Services, the Learning Center, and the Writing Center are all places with which students should be familiar. In support of its mission to help retain and graduate students, Undergraduate Studies also offers a First-Year Seminar designed to introduce students to the University and to provide them with the academic and personal skills necessary to succeed in a university setting. Other programs are targeted for specific students and may have eligibility requirements. All the programs offered by Undergraduate Studies rest on a solid foundation of assessment and data analysis performed by the Office of Research and Policy Analysis. All of the programs are there to give students the best possible experience and to help students successfully achieve their educational goals.

In addition to programs aimed primarily at undergraduate work, there are several programs that help undergraduate students look forward toward graduate studies. These transitional programs include the McNair Scholars program and several programs aimed at preparation for professional schools. These preprofessional programs include pre-engineering, pre-law, and preprofessional programs in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

The baccalaureate degree students earn at California State University, San Bernardino will represent work done in three broad areas: General Education, courses in a major, and free electives. The General Education program is explained elsewhere in this catalog, and all the courses that comprise the General Education program are listed. It is important to note that not all of these courses will be offered each quarter. Students should consult the Class Schedule to find those courses offered during the current quarter. Following the General Education requirements are several important process requirements that must be attended to in order to obtain an undergraduate degree. This catalog also contains the program requirements and course descriptions required of baccalaureate degrees, minors, certificates, and credentials with appropriate contact information at the beginning of each section.