Minor in English

Requirements (32 units)

Requirements for a minor in English

ENG 311The English Language4
Four units chosen from:4
Analysis of Poetry
Analysis and Writing of Poetry
Analysis of Drama
Analysis and Writing of Drama
Analysis of Prose Ficition
Analysis and Writing of Prose Fiction
Analysis of Nonfiction Prose
Analysis and Writing of Nonfiction Prose
Eight units chosen from:8
English Literature I
English Literature II
English Literature III
English Literature IV
American Literature I
American Literature II
Four units chosen from:4
Shakespeare I
Shakespeare II
Four units chosen from:4
English Literature of the Middle Ages
English Literature of the Renaissance
Seventeenth Century Literature
English Literature of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century
Romantice Prose and Poetry
Victorian Literature
Modern Poetry
Contemporary Poetry
Modern Fiction
Contemporary Fiction
Four units chosen from:4
American Indian Literature
Studies in Literary Diversity
Chicano Literature
Women Writers
African American Literature
Four additional units chosen from any upper-division English course except:4
English Workshop
Expository Writing for English
Community Service Project
Community Service Project
Total Units32