Minor in Latin American Studies

Requirements (28 units)

Admission to the Program

  1. Students must meet general university admission requirements;
  2. Students should discuss this minor with their academic advisors. All majors are eligible to participate in this minor.

Requirements for Graduation

  1. Minors can only be granted for the same term in which students graduate;
  2. CSUSB will not consider for transfer credit coursework from an institution that will not accept that coursework in its own degree program.

Requirements for a minor in Latin American Studies

Core requirements (8)
HIST 470Modern Latin America4
or HUM 335 The Origin and Contemporary Role of Latino Culture
FLAN 103DLanguage Study III: Portuguese4
or SPAN 103 College Spanish III
International experience (4)
HUM 576B-FInternational Experience (for a total of 4 units)4
Electives (16)
Sixteen units, with at least one course each from groups A, B, and C:16
Group A. Social Sciences:
Aztecs, Maya and their Predecessors
Incas and their Predecessors
Pre-Columbian Art *
Indigenous Politics
Cultures of Mexico and Central America
Cultures of South America
Political Economy of Latin America
Geography of the Developing World
United States and Mexico Border Issues
History of Modern Mexico
Topics in History (when topic relates to Latin America)
Modern Central America
Foreign Relations of Latin America
Latin American History Through Film
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
Proseminar in History
State and Local Politics
The Chicano Family
Chicano Social Stratification
Indian Nations and Native America
Seminar in Sociology
Contemporary Latin America
Group B. Arts, Languages, Literature and Education:
Pre-Columbian Art *
Mexican Art
Chicano Art
Spanish Childrens Literature for the Bilingual Classroom
Studies in Literary Diversity
Chicano Literature
The Origin and Contemporary Role of Latino Culture
Cultural Studies (when topic relates to Latin America)
Current Ideas and Issues in Latin America
Current Ideas and Issues in Latin America
Latin American Music
Advanced Conversation **
Spanish for the Professions: Communications **
Spanish for the Professions: Health Science **
Spanish for the Professions: Education **
Spanish for the Professions: Business **
Spanish for the Professions: Criminal Justice **
Origin and Contemporary Role of Hispanic Dialects
Latin American Civilization **
Chicano Literature in Spanish **
Mexican Literature **
Literature of the Southern Cone **
Seminar in Spanish American Literature, Culture or Film:
Group C. Business, Management, Communication, Health and Nutrition:
Topics in Media Studies (when the topic is Media and Social Change in Latin America)
Seminar in Administration (when topic is Doing Business in Latin America)
Topics in Human and Organizational Communication
Latina/os, Media and Culture
International Communication
Communication Approaches to Area Studies: Latin America
International Perspectives on Nutrition
Global Health
Food and Culture: Traditions and Trends
Managing Across Borders
International Marketing Management
Total Units28

Note: In the electives categories, those courses not specifying a topic, are applicable only when the student's project/ research focuses on Latin America.

Foreign Language Requirement for Spanish or Portuguese

The following rules apply to challenging a language course for credit in this minor:

  1. Only courses at the 103-level or higher may be challenged.
  2. Students whose language of instruction in secondary school was Spanish or Portuguese may satisfy this category by submitting official academic transcripts showing that either language was, indeed, the medium of instruction in the school from which they graduated.
  3. Providing documentation of significant foreign language experience such as the successful completion of two years of Peace Corps experience in a Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country.