Minor in Philosophical Logic

Requirements (24 units)

Requirements for a minor in Philosophical Logic

Core requirements (16)
PHIL 200Critical Thinking Through Symbolic Logic4
PHIL 300Predicate Logic4
PHIL 381Philosophy of Logic4
or PHIL 383 Philosophy of Mathematics
Four units chosen from:4
Advanced Issues in Logic (Introductory Metalogic)
Advanced Issues in Logic (Incompleteness and Computability)
Electives (8)
Eight units chosen from:8
Inductive Logic
Alternative Logics
Philosophy of Logic
Philosophy of Mathematics
Advanced Issues in Logic
Total Units24

NOTE: PHIL 400 may be repeated for elective credit as topics change; however elective credit is available only for topics other than the 400 topic that satisfies the core requirement.

The Minor in Philosophical Logic is open to students in any major. However, except for PHIL 200 and PHIL 300, courses taken for credit in the Minor in Philosophical Logic do not count toward satisfaction of the Philosophy major or minor.