Minor in Japanese

Requirements (32 units)

Requirements for a minor in Japanese

  1. Proficiency in Japanese equal to JAPN 103 or equivalent. 
    Note: Entering students with previous training in Japanese, or those who are native speakers, should contact the Department of World Languages and Literatures or the Japanese program coordinator for information about placement and credit by examination. Students with no prior exposure to Japanese need to take JAPN 101, JAPN 102 and JAPN 103 which will not count toward the 32-unit requirement for the minor.
Lower-division requirements (12)
JAPN 201Second Year College Japanese I4
JAPN 202Second Year College Japanese II4
JAPN 203Second Year College Japanese III4
Upper-division requirements (12)
JAPN 301Third-Year College Japanese4
JAPN 302Third- Year College Japanese II4
JAPN 303Third-Year Japanese III4
Electives (8)
Eight units chosen from:8
Japanese Calligraphy
Conversation in Japanese
Japanese Business Culture
Japanese Literature in Translation
Introduction to Japanese Literature
Advanced Conversation
Language in Japanese Society
Analysis of Japanese Culture through the Study of Film
Community Service Project (for a total of 6 units)
Business Japanese
HUM 578A-F
International Experience:Asian Studies (when associated with Japan, 1-6 units)
Total Units32