Pupil Personnel Services Credential: School Psychology

Requirements (92 units)

The School Psychology program at California State University, San Bernardino provides professional preparation for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential with Specialization in School Psychology. This program is designed to meet the mandates for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Psychology (PPS) established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). The program is also designed to meet the national accreditation standards of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) as adopted in 1984-1985 and revised in 2001.

The School Psychologist Credential program is a 46-quarter unit sequence of training designed for professionals who already possess a master's or doctoral degree in Educational Counseling, Psychology, Special Education, Education, Marriage/Family Therapy, and Social Work, or are in the final stages of training for such a discipline (e.g. final year of coursework, thesis to complete, etc.). Students must complete the common, standard courses (46 units) as well as the school psychology specialization standards courses (46 units). The sequence also includes a 1200-hour internship in a school setting.

Students who have graduated from CSU, San Bernardino with an M.S. in Counseling and Guidance degree will have already taken the common, standard coursework as part of their program. Candidates from other programs and universities will have transcripts individually evaluated to ascertain how thoroughly previous graduate work complies with the common and generic standards which are required by the state for certification. Previous course work will be substituted with appropriate verification using transcripts and course catalog descriptions from the college or university where this course work was completed. Students admitted to the School Psychology Credential Program will design a two-year schedule with their advisor to make up any course work needed to comply with the common and generic standards for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential as well as advanced coursework (46-unit sequence) which meets the state standards for school psychology specialization. Included in this sequence are 1200 hours of internship in a school setting (K-12). Students must have evidence of completing 450 clock hours of practica prior to beginning 1200 hours of internship. Supervision is provided on site a minimum of two hours per week by a credentialed school psychologist with at least three years of experience in the field. The student is also supervised on the university site two hours per week by a university faculty member during the internship. If a student intends to obtain a paid internship in school psychology, they must apply for the internship credential from the Credentials Office following the first year of study.

Admission to the Program

In addition to the general requirements of the university, specific requirements for admission to the PPS in School Psychology are:

  1. Admission and acceptance to CSU, San Bernardino;
  2. Current vitae resume;
  3. Current sealed transcript which verifies an M.A., M.S. or Ph.D. in Counseling or a related field;
  4. Writing sample (include an APA-style graduate level paper which indicates the applicant's competency in writing);
  5. Application and personal statement;
  6. Two reference forms and letters of recommendation from persons having knowledge of the applicant's potential as a school psychologist, sent independently to the program director;
  7. Proof of passing the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST);
  8. Evidence of possession of professional liability insurance (may be provided once accepted into program);
  9. Evidence of possession of a valid California teaching credential, PPS in School Counseling, or a Certificate of Clearance for eligibility to participate in fieldwork;
  10. Evidence of current negative TB skin test;
  11. Evidence of technological literacy in six areas: word processing, database, computer presentation, downloading, internet, and email.

Upon completion of the above requirements, the student's file will be reviewed by an admission committee composed of at least three members of the educational counseling/school psychology faculty. This committee will evaluate the admissions folder and decide on the student's admission status. Students admitted to the program will meet with their advisor and design their schedule for the two-year program, including any work needed to complete the common and generic standards for the PPS Credential. Students who are not chosen for the cohort will be notified of the admission decision.

Recommendation for the Credential

In order to be recommended for a credential, a student must have:

  1. Completed all prescribed coursework with a grade of "B" (3.0) or better;
  2. Completed all requirements for the 1200-hour internship including the specific competencies in the program as mandated by the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing.

Credential Requirements (92 units)

Generic Standard Courses (46)
EDSP 607Research in School Psychology4
EDSP 619Appraisal Procedures in Counseling4
EDSP 632Advanced Psychological Foundations of Education4
EDSP 633Human Development for Counseling4
EDSP 654Legal and Ethical Issues in School Psychology4
ECLG 655Multicultural Counseling4
EDSP 656Counseling Theories4
EDSP 657ACounseling Practicum I4
EDSP 658Family Consultation4
EDSP 678Group Counseling4
ECLG 679Counseling Field Experience4
ECLG 696Special Topics in Counselor Education2
School Psychology Specialization Standards (46)
EDSP 647Individual Testing and Case Study Techniques I4
EDSP 648Individual Testing and Case Study Techniques II4
EDSP 649Ecological Assessment and Case Study Techniques4
EDSP 660Seminar in Child/Adolescent Psychopathology and Treatment4
EDSP 686BSchool Psychology Practicum II4
EDSP 687School Psychologists as Change Agents: Theory and Practice4
EDSP 688Advanced Behavioral Intervention and School Consultation4
EDSP 689Seminar/Internship in School Psychology (must be repeated 3 times for a total of 18 units))18
Total Units92