Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Requirements (28 units)

Certificates may be earned by regularly matriculated or extended learning students and denote successful completion of a prescribed program of study designed to:

  1. impart specified professional/vocational/career competencies; or
  2. produce mastery of the content of a sub-field of an academic major (discipline); or
  3. provide exposure to the range of materials in a traditional or emerging interdisciplinary field.

Certain certificate programs contain 600-level courses as requirements and/or electives. These 600-level courses may not be taken by undergraduate students. Candidates must receive two-thirds of their certificate-applicable credit from the university. The transferring of credit or the substitution of courses may occur only after application to the appropriate campus authority.

Certificate requirements

Twenty-eight units chosen from:28
Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Gender and Language
Gender and Identity in the Visual Arts
Biology of Human Sexuality
Topics in Human and Organizational Communication
Gender, Race and Media
Gender and Communication
Feminist Contributions to Communication Theories
Muslim Women in Media and Society
Women and Crime
Political Economy of Women
Studies in Literary Diversity (Gay Literature)
Studies in Literary Diversity (Lesbian Literature)
Studies in Language and Linguistics (Language and Gender)
Women Writers
Women Writers
Masterpieces of Literature
Francophone Women Writers
Introduction to Women's Studies
Introduction to Masculinity Studies
Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
Feminist Research Methods
Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Feminist Theory
Women as Agents of Social Change
Queer Theory
GSS 575B-D
Internship in Gender and Sexuality Programs and Services (for a total of 4 units)
GSS 595B-E
Independent Study (for a total of 8 units)
Health and Human Sexuality
Womens Health Issues
Health Issues of Men
Women in U.S. History, 1620-1865
Women in U.S. History, 1865-Present
Perspectives on Gender
Perspectives on Gender
Perspectives on Gender
Gender and Philosophy
Sex and Politics
Psychology of Human Sexuality
The Psychology of Women
Women and Violence
The Psychology of Gays and Lesbians
Black Women and Feminism
Sociology of Gender
Seminar in Sociology
Issues in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Theatre
Students may receive credit for special topic courses offered in other departments that take gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation as the main focus of the course. Contact the coordinator of the Gender and Sexuality Studies program for permission.
Total Units28